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January 31, 2018by Faber Infinite0

Transformation can be brought only by hard work and innovation. In the evolving canvas of today’s industry and market, transformation has become one of the key factors to lead the market. In this first edition of iFaber for the year 2018, we bring to you another tale of transformation and excellence from the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) industry.

Our client, Umasree Texplast is one of the leading producers in the competitive FIBC industry. We were glad to talk to the Director at Umasree Texplast Mr. Manish Jain. He shared his valuable insights on key topics related to challenges in the FIBC industry and the role of Faber Infinite in the transformation journey.

Faber Infinite (FI) – Every industry has its own challenges. What are peculiar challenges unique to FIBC industry?

Mr. Manish Jain (MJ) – FIBC industry is the backbone of the prime industries all across the world. Developing countries like India, China and Turkey are the leading producers of FIBC bags. However, in this industry, technology plays a role only to a certain level. The work in this industry is labor-centric. By the means of technology, one can create fabric, but to make to make a bag one needs a skilled and trained labor force. Hence, one of the key challenges this industry face is manpower training, retention and other manpower oriented sophistication.

Another challenge the industry faces is the processes inside the organization. Since most of the work is dependent on manpower; it becomes important to create a system of robust processes to deliver quality and sound consignments on deadline.

FI – Umasree Texplast is a progressive organization charting its own success path and setting trends for others to follow. What is the core philosophy that differentiates UT from others?

MJ – We are an entrepreneurial organization. There are three core principles in which we believe in. The first core principle is Ethics. We believe in fair dealings with our clients as well as with the human resource we have because human capital is an asset to us. Without our employees, we wouldn’t have reached where we are today. The second principle in which we believe is Quality. We emphasize on the quality, in fact, the rejection ratio of our organization is minimal as per the industry standards. The third principle Umasree Texplast believes in is timeliness. We value the time of our clients and deliver our best and on time. Our 90-95% of consignments are delivered on time.

FI – Umasree Texplast has rolled out path-breaking the transformation journey – as Unnati. We would love to understand more about it. What role has Team Faber played in the Unnati journey?

MJ – Team Faber Infinite has been the driving force for Umasree Texplast in the transformation journey ‘Unnati’. They have helped us in nurturing the self-replicating qualities along with the highly valuable human capital of our organization. To be short and precise, we along with Faber Infinite are trying to put the processes together and in their places so that we can finally transform and lead to ‘Unnati’. Team Faber has helped us drive the change and imbibe that culture of continuous improvement in the organization at all the levels of hierarchy.

FI – Can you please share your overall feedback about team Faber and your experience so far?

MJ – Team Faber has been an excellent partner for our transformation journey. They are very hard working, co-operative and highly understanding. I am very happy with Faber and how they have led the team. It has been a great journey with Faber Infinite. Faber has been with us for last one and a half year. In this period we have transformed the attitude of our workforce, we have put policies in place and have thus become a leaner organization.

FI – We appreciate that under your able leadership Umasree Texplast has shown great results in the continual improvement journey. We would love to know your views about Faber’s role in the growth numbers?

MJ – I’m not much worried about results and numbers. We have trust and confidence in the whole team who is driving this entire journey and the results are bound to come. In fact, we can see the difference and I’m 200% sure that Faber will achieve the desired numerical values. We are very happy working with Faber Abhishek and Faber Nikhil. Team Faber has always worked as being part of Umasree Texplast. We appreciate their hard work and co-operation in the journey.

Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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