Workshop on Value Stream Mapping

Do you want to accelerate the improvement journey in your organisation?

Do you want to identify the key drivers to continual improvement?

Team Faber infinite rolls out a power packed solution via one day workshop on ‘Value Stream Mapping – A tool for Lean Process Mapping’ at Pune, Maharashtra on November 4, 2015.

‘Value’ is defined as any action or process that a customer would be willing to pay for. A value stream is all the actions (both value adding and non value adding) currently required to produce a product for customer demand fulfillment.

Value stream mapping is a pencil paper tool, which means improving the whole and not just the process. As drawing is the language of the engineers, Value Stream Mapping is the language of Lean practitioners. To get benefited from VSM it should be used on shop floor.

Value Stream Mapping is a lean process mapping method for understanding the sequence of activities used to produce a product. Value Stream Maps serve as a critical tool during the review process and can reveal substantial opportunities to reduce costs, improve production flow, save time, reduce inventory and improve overall performance.

Value stream mapping includes:

– All the activities for customer order fulfillment.
– Includes Material flow from Supplier-Factory-Customer.
– Includes Information flow from Customer-Factory-Supplier.
– To get benefited from VSM it should be used on shop floor

Program Details:

– Training Workshop on “Value Stream Mapping”
– Thursday, November 4, 2015
– Venue: Courtyard by Marriott, Bund Garden Road, Pune, Maharashtra


– To visualize entire process of Operation
– VSM helps to see wastes along with the source of waste.
– To have a clear understanding of the Material flow.
– To show linkages between Information and Material Flow.
– Helps in forming the basis for implementation plan.

Training Methodology:

– Simulation Games
– Group Exercises
– Tutorial Sessions
– Interaction with experienced trainer who has successfully implemented VSM in various organization and transformed many organizations.

Who should attend?

– Value Stream Leaders, Managers, Executives from Production, Planning, Purchase, Quality, Maintenance.
– Operational Excellence/ Lean/ Kaizen/ Continual improvement managers, leaders, coordinators.


Faber Infinite’s Innovative “Learn and Fun” methodology will help participants to understand:

– Lean Foundations
– What is Value and Value stream
– Why use Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
– Preparatory for VSM : PQ Analysis
– Different levels of VSM
– Understanding Current State Map
– Tutorial on Current State Map
– Understanding Current State Mapping (using Case Study)
– Introduction to Future State Map
– Key elements of Future State Map
– Benefits of Value Stream Mapping

Do join us for this learning experience. Please connect with Prashant on / +91 – 92288 77937 for further details.

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