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Best Athletes are Made During the Off-Season

  • By faber
  • September 30, 2020

In these different times, when remote working is a new norm and everyone is getting ready to bounce forward into the new normal, we have the time to upskill our teams. It is now when each organisation can help improve and improvise the skillset of its employees.

In times of COVID, where operating with full strengths is dangerous and difficult, it is the right time to train your athletes (employees) to get set with an upgraded version of themselves by upskilling.

Progressive organisations across the world are investing in employee upskilling initiatives. This in turn will help them achieve greater growth in times to come as well as organizational development. We, at Faber Infinite, have been supporting several organisations by rolling out comprehensive virtual online trainings which are helping organisations stand out amongst their competitors. These programs are focused on various elements relating to operational excellence.

Recently, we are engaged in training employees of India’s largest thermal power producers to prepare them for the times to come. We are training more than ~3000 professionals on enhancing overall productivity, quality, and cost-consciousness.

  • Productivity enhancement training shall focus on the overall organisation’s productivity to improve on-time delivery & efficiency ratios. The objective is to focus on improving the overall performance to sustain post-pandemic competition.
  • The quality enhancement program is designed to focus on overall organisational quality including work quality as well as product quality. This will help the organisation deliver better output and reduce the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ).
  • Improving Cost consciousness is yet another customized program to focus on cost optimization, which will help the organisation enhance profits by reducing the overall costs. These specially designed power-packed programs will set the foundation for the new normal and help the organisation thrive in the post-pandemic situation.

Not just this, we have been running several training sessions on various different topics since May 2020 and rolled out numerous batches with many ongoing programs. We are glad to receive extremely positive feedback from the participants from across the industries, sectors, and geographies.

So make the best use of this opportunity and prepare your best athletes for the times to come! Contact us at [email protected] today to plan training programs for your organization.

Written & Compiled by Faber Mayuri & Faber Priyal