Design Excellence

Great Design Is Eliminating Unnecessary Details

Design Thinking & Excellence Consulting Services.

Design excellence focuses on product/process innovation with the objective of developing the best possible solution. It’s an excellent approach that teaches you how to get out of your comfort zone and find unique and uncommon solutions to complex problems.

Team Faber Infinite strongly believes that success of the organization depends mainly on three aspects which can be listed as Operational Excellence, Strategic excellence and Design Excellence. The objective is to achieve Organizational Transformation.

Design Excellence Focus:

As a part of design excellence Team Faber works on the following solutions with the client:

  • Product Innovation: Focus is on new products as well as new uses of the existing products.
  • Process Innovation: Focus is on production/delivery methods or both.
  • Value Engineering (VE): Focus is to improve the value of product/ process/ service etc. It focuses on function – what something does and not on what it is. In value engineering “functions” are always described in a two parts – what is being done and to what it is being done.

Design Thinking Methodology/Strategy

Design Excellence or thinking is embedded in our culture at Faber Infinite. We imbibe this way of thinking in our clients by training them to be bold and courageous problem-solvers. Design Excellence or thinking is a solution is one of the most influential tools that we have when it comes to working on challenges.