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A Decade of Touching Humanity!

  • By faber
  • February 4, 2022

The journey is more beautiful than the destination is a great proverb which suits best for every journey which accomplishes milestones with every initiative taken bravely. Faber Infinite Consulting, has been on this service journey for 10 years and made the path worth celebrating with touching humanity in each walk of the development. Some of the work includes operational excellence in industries like Pharma, Healthcare, Food & Beverages, Infrastructure, Textile, Garments, and life-saving products.

Team Faber Infinite brings in more than 300 years of cumulative experience and has led several transformation initiatives in the past, across different geographies in 40+ sectors in 10 countries with 10,000+ projects & more than 250 happy clients. The dedication and support of  Faber & client team members together have helped us achieve millions of savings for our clients in the past decade. Even in these challenging times of pandemic, we were able to deliver sustainable results through evolution & innovation by designing and conceptualizing half a dozen world-class factories for Solar EPC, Food, Heavy Engineering, and other industries.

Industries have been a prime promoter of development for increasing the living standards of people across the globe. Attempts to make them efficient, resilient, flexible to change, and technologically equipped have always been the goal of our organization. We take pride in implementing well-established methods from the patented Organizational Transformation Framework by Faber Infinite, Lean Facility Design, and tools like Value Stream Mapping, Time & Motion Study, TPM, and others to provide sector neutral offerings towards continual improvement by value creation.

The Organizational Transformation Framework© is entirely focusing on the REAL PLACE approach with REAL PEOPLE and REAL PROBLEMS in REAL TIME. We don’t believe only in boardroom consulting, but focus on a full-fledged partnership for continual improvement with implementation-oriented consulting. From shop floor to overall development of an organization has always been Faber’s style of working.

As a result, revolutionary methodology of customized strategy implementation for each organization is enabled for businesses to generate continuous benefits and customer satisfaction through continuous improvement. Thus, we make certain that the delivery is totally centered on the real-world approach.

This development journey is a continuous effort to do better each time we approach a client. These 10 years are the mark of several success stories with the clients and the patrons who always were a constant support and indeed contributed to our stories worth telling the world.

Heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to all our patrons and partners to Faber Infinite Consulting.

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Written by Faber Aleena & Compiled by Faber Mayuri