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May 30, 2017by Faber Infinite0

Everybody in the management business are aware of infamous parables about consultants. In todays’ era, maximum return on investment is one of the core objectives of every organization when it hires any consulting organization. Faber Infinite Consulting understands it thoroughly and has this objective of providing maximum return on investment as one of the core values. Faber Infinite has always lived by its values. Values sets standards and keeps the organization bonded and helps to sustain the organization culture in a right way.

Faber has always held its seven core values high and has been successfully following them since its inception. All these values relate to the growth and development of clients, stakeholders and society in whole.

Amongst the core values, one value which Faber lives by is ‘Fabulous is Tangible.’ By this, Faber Infinite believes to, commits to maximize Return on Investments (ROI) for clients. It has lived by its value of under committing and over performing.

Faber Infinite commits minimum 10 times return on the consulting investment made by the client. Faber has actually delivered this to several its clients. One of the latest additions to the list is one of the leading Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC)/ Woven Sacks industries in India. For every INR 1 invested on consulting, client has received more than INR 10 added straight to their profitability, increasing their profitability by around 20-25%.
The methodology adopted to enable returns (10 times) on investment varies from client to client, depending upon the requirements, work conditions and the problems. A brief of the successful approach adopted by Faber Infinite to help one of the client deliver 10 times ROI is as follows:

  • Basic Stability of physical workplace and processes: Establishing and rolling out process standards across the operations and physical work place improvement were the fundamental steps initiated. Six S helps in workplace management, maintain standard work environment and foundation steps towards continual improvement culture building.
  • Materials Waste Reduction: Material cost being one of the key cost elements and hence material wastage reduction initiative is adopted to optimize and reduce waste of resources via focused improvement projects. It helps in reduction of wastage of resources thereby saving on the costs.
  • Problem Solving Projects: Another important step is to analyze the reasons for shortfall of resources and failure to deliver planned throughput. Post proper root cause analysis, the reasons for shortfall can be determined. Shortfall arising due to lack of skilled manpower, defects, material unavailability, etc. are resolved by structured problems solving tools and methodology of 8D to reduce and eliminate the impact.
  • Equipment Health Management: Autonomous Maintenance is a proven approach which was adopted here to restore the basic condition of the equipment and tools etc. By a structured roll out, it helps to improve and sustain the working conditions, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). It further enables to increase efficiency and quality of operation of machines and manpower.These are some of the proven methods which were adopted by team Faber to assist clients with an immense increase in profitability. These tools and approaches are implemented in such a way that it meets the clients’ needs, gifting them the maximum returns (nothing less than ten times) on the investment made.
    These concepts are industry neutral and can be deployed at your organization as well. For more details about our services and unique offerings get in touch with our expert team at [email protected]

by Faber Infinite

Faber Infinite is an International Business Management Consulting Organization offering consulting solutions and services for Increase Profitability in Business.

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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