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Franchisee Audits: Lever for Growth

  • By faber
  • June 3, 2014

The success of any franchised business depends largely on the ability of the franchise system and the franchisees to each meet the important responsibilities placed on them. For the system, those responsibilities include perfecting the concept, running the system, and promoting concept growth.

There is no doubt that franchisees typically keep a close eye on how their franchisor runs the system, to ensure that proper investments are being made into the concept and that the concept is being properly run and promoted. Likewise, franchise systems need to be able to monitor their franchisees for system compliance to ensure brand protection. However, compliance with operational and store appearance standards are only part of what the system must monitor. Franchisee Audit a powerful tool to monitor franchisee compliance.

Faber Infinite supported and successfully rolled out a comprehensive audit program for a franchisee chain of one of its prestigious client recently. After the detailed audits were conducted across different franchisees in Pune, a day-long workshop was organized to share the finds of the audit. The workshop was designed on the same lines of Faber philosophy of ‘fun – collaborate – create’. The philosophy of ‘fun – collaborate – create’ enables to make the workshops more interesting and enjoyable. The basic purpose of ingraining the concepts and message in mind of each and every participant is achieved via experiential learning – which has been the highlight of all Faber Infinite sessions.

The workshop was designed to make franchisee owners understand their roles and responsibilities to develop the franchisee as well as to provide a platform to seek support required from the factory.

The workshop started with specially designed group work focusing on

1. Goal setting as a group,
2. Power plan for realization, and
3. Communication with constraints

The audit focused on the current processes and methodology, sales analysis, client feedbacks, lost customer analysis, levers to enhance marketing and branding. The report also included customized set of recommendations for respective franchisee on opportunities to improve. Each franchisee had a detailed one to one discussion with Team Faber to prepare customized goal book and power plan with more thrust on brand building and develop better customer relationship. Team Faber is committed to assist them in all phases to achieve desired results.


Sharing ‘Renewed Vigour for Growth’ with all Franchisee

The highlight of the franchisee audit is to bring all stakeholders on one platform fostering growth and mutual benefits. As the franchisor ensures set standards for the brand, franchisees can reap multiple advantages from franchise audits. Franchisees get to understand their weaknesses, which they can overcome through the recommendations and benchmarking inputs from the audits. Franchisees may come to know of certain (not known) facts, through the direct interaction with the customers during the audits, conducted with sheer objective of improvements!

Written & Adapted by: Anand Bhattad & Aakash Borse