Friday Fact – Standing Tall Since 1192

Did you know an iron pillar is standing tall, without getting rusted since 1192?

An Iron Pillar in Delhi – India standing nearly 24 feet tall, located in the Quwwat-ul Mosque – weighing more than 6 tons; looks nothing of its age on the first glance.

You might be assuming why it hasn’t rusted yet. The reason is not only the quality of the materials used but the skillful men who made the pillar and fortuitous processes & conditions, that caused a protective layer to appear on the pillar.

But if we keep today’s climatic condition under consideration, no type of iron can stay without getting rust because we have 3 different weather that goes beyond the average temperature the city had back in the year 1192.

The exact material used for making this pillar is still a mystery. But, through some research, this has come to notice that – it is made of 98% wrought iron and a layer of the pillar consists of a compound of iron, oxygen & hydrogen and it is 1/20 of a millimeter thick.

Hence, as you can see that driving excellence and quality are not recent practices but are being practiced for centuries! Are you driving quality and excellence in your organization yet?

Written & Compiled by Faber Priyal & Faber Mayuri.

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