Lean Facility Design

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Lean Facility Design : Typical Steps

What Is Lean Facility Design?

Application of LEAN learning & concepts on organizations’ future projects, so that MUDA (waste) can be PREVENTED at the design/ ‘early’ stage!

This is applied as a ‘Preventive  Measure’

Why Lean Facility Design?


To help in designing waste-free, visual, easily managed facility layouts


Processing centers




Assembly workstations


Supporting material management and handling.

Typical Coverage:

  • Material FLOW improvements
  • LEAN process design – even processes of service delivery
  • Ergonomic workplaces
  • Customized, count-free storage containers
  • Inventory Management, Storage as per the frequency of issue
  • Lean warehouse for optimization of flow
  • Investment in ‘right-size’, multiple, easily maintained, flexible storage equipment
  • LEAN/Cellular layouts
  • Warehouse Space Optimization
  • Multi-skilled, multi-tasking manpower
  • Design for material storage (using FIFO racks, wherever possible)
  • Design of Supermarkets for storage of spare parts
  • Lean internal logistics systems (supporting JIT operations internally)
  • Visual management information/data

Typical Impact:

Typical impacts of the 14 step process of Lean facility or layout design are as mentioned below:

  • Reduced floor space/storage space requirement
  • Creation of FLOW & PULL in order to reduce inventory and manpower allocation
  • Reduced capital investments (in certain areas), all of which will offer better productivity, reduced throughput time, lower waste etc.
  • Lean Facility Layout design: better material & information flow
  • Right sized logistics equipment planning

Case studies are available on request. Feel free to write to us for more details.

DescriptionBeforeAfter% Improvement
1Throughput Time17 Days8 Days52%
2Inventory – Value Steam 14200 Mn1630 Mn61%
3Inventory – Value Steam 21460 Mn980 Mn33%
4No. of Operators240200
5Operator Productivity49879159%
6Free Space750 Sq.m1550 Sq.m800 Sq.ft
7Distance Travelled255 m85 m66%