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Maximizing Production and Revenue in Flower Farms

  • By faber
  • April 25, 2023

The horticulture domain or commercial flower farming, which is worth billions of dollars globally, has been growing rapidly over the years. However, despite its popularity and growth, the flower industry faces several problems that need to be addressed. These problems range from environmental issues to labour management, which has a significant impact on the sustainability and ethics of the flower trade. 

Several organizations involved in the floriculture sector have received help from Faber Infinite Consulting, one of the best Operational Excellence Consultants in the business, specifically in commercial farming. 

Team Faber helps these farms achieve their objectives by enhancing efficiency and profitability. Additionally, these tools and techniques allow farms to address several major barriers and tackle crucial obstacles in their route to growth.   

Listed below are some of the planned methods by team Faber to unleash continuous growth in the flower business across the globe. 

Building efficiencies in cold chambers in the farms:

In the cold rooms, ensuring FIFO (First in First Out) implementation to improve Cold Chain Management is critical. FIFO will ensure high customer satisfaction via fresh and quality produce reaching on time.  

Working on Six S (Five S+ Safety):

It shortens search times for various resources, improves visual management, and provides room for other fruitful activities. 

Productivity Improvement of Land:

Land productivity improvement is primary focus, which can lead to extra production of flowers & in turn extra income. 

Rejection Reduction:

Rejection reduction via Structured Problem-Solving Techniques. leading to increased output – standardized processes and in turn leading to increased revenue.   

Inventory Management and Kanban implementation:

Rolling out effective Inventory Management & Kanban implementation will ensure high inventory turns and optimised cash utilization. 

Daily work management DWM for retaining the results attained. Setting priorities, allocating resources, and monitoring progress are integral parts of DWM to ensure the tasks are done properly and efficiently. 

Results from implemented changes must be maintained throughout the time by adopting a systematic audit and improvement process (SAIL) Daily & Work Management.  

These tools and techniques have helped several flower farms with flourishing results such as:  

  • Improvement in flower production by more than 25%
  • Reduction in rejection by more than 50%
  • Increase in customer satisfaction index from 50% to 85%
  • Increase in labour productivity by 43%
  • Inventory reduction by 37%, releasing lot of hidden space

The flower business has a lot of room for improvement and success, but it must pay close attention to operational effectiveness and environmental sustainability. By collaborating with Faber Infinite, commercial flower farms will address their problems and achieve their goals with sustainable solutions.