4 Steps to a Successful Business Transformation

December 6, 2016by Faber Infinite0

Survival is mandatory for every organization. Whereas development alongside survival is crucial.  The organizations which tend to survive do something big while the organizations which strive to develop attain it in an extraordinary way. Transformation is the key to attain excellence and extraordinary results in business in this highly competitive world. With time, Transformation in organization needs to be adapted to cope up with the emerging challenges of the business world, to face the challenges put forward by the competitors, to attract more customers and for successful development of business.

How to start this successful, important Transformation journey in business. The following four pointers indicate steps for adopting a successful business transformation.

The right strategic planning

The foremost step is planning the beneficial strategy for organization. One right strategy can bring massive success for business. But the identification of this need for transformation and the strategy to incorporate it takes the center stage.

For example, customer’s needs change every second day. The organization can try to bring out new variants to keep the customers hooked on to them. If successful, it can attract more customers and can sustain the existing customers.

Executing the idea of Transformation

Mere planning is not enough. The success in execution of the idea is of utmost importance. The idea planned, is of no use until executed practically. A task or assignment planned well solves half the problem and the success in execution solves the other half, bringing success.

For instance, the strategy to bring out a new product won’t succeed until the product enters the market and the customer tries it out. Once, the product is tried it can be transformed, in case of flaws to meet the customer demands. But, the foremost step should be to actually bring out a new product.

An Enthused leader

A leader who does not lulls himself in his past victories and present reputation, plays a very important role in success of the newly adopted business transformation. A truly motivated and stimulated leader always becomes a torchbearer for his followers. Thus it’s very important to have a leader who exactly recognizes, understands the need of the hour to transform, to execute the planned and to lead his people to attain success. If the leader respites him overlooking his past and present victories, he is sure to fall off the ladder of success.

An enthused, motivated leader who understands his customers’ needs and initiates transformation in his business sets an example for his employees.

Consider customer demand before embarking transformation

After all, customers are the king. Businesses need to view the customers’ needs and wants before embarking business transformation. If they don’t like your products, services or other offerings you are in for a big trouble. So, the decision should be taken after considering the likings and disliking of the customers.

 For example, launch of any new product will make success if only the customer likes it.

 Finally, as the famous author Shiv Khera puts it ‘Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently,’ – stands true as to excel, we must do something but in an extraordinary way than other organizations.

Written By: Faber Ramya Pillai

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