5 ways to Improve Team Performance with Mindfulness

August 25, 2020by Faber Infinite

Mindful is being aware of your thoughts and then choosing how to behave consciously. Mindfulness helps to lessen stress, increase job satisfaction, improve focus, and leadership skills. But is it enough? But when it comes to the ability of individuals and teams should both the teams and individuals practice mindfulness? What is team mindfulness? how to Improve team Performance?

Team mindfulness is when all the members of the team together observe the thoughts of all the members in the team and then consciously choose to behave in the right way. This attitude of teams collectively taking decisions and behaving in sync leads to greater teamwork agreements. Moreover, mindfulness helps organizations improve bottom-line results.

Mindfulness has a positive influence on the team’s motivation. This Transformation Tuesday, let us look at the ways you can improve your team’s motivation with mindfulness:

Relieve stress

One of the most affecting factors at work is stress. Stress if not managed properly can affect the employees mentally as well as physically. Organizations should include mindfulness programs like meditation, yoga, etc. It would help to reduce stress and increase the tolerance level of the employees.

With reduced stress, employees can focus on their tasks with an open mind and thus be more productive, creative, and innovative.

Improve the team’s confidence

Employees should not fear their bosses. They should respect their bosses. Mindfulness exercise involves both the team leaders and the employees in the team. Leaders should interact with the employees in various engagement activities beyond the mindfulness programs. Such engagement activities will not only improve the confidence of the team members, but it will also improve the confidence of the leaders as all the members get inspired and motivated to work towards the same vision and goals.

Improve health

Healthy employees will produce healthy results. Employees and teams who perform mindfulness exercise, relieve stress, apprehensions, and annoyance. When employees perform mindfulness activities, they are vigorous and energetic, and this produces the best results.

Improve optimism

One of the reasons that team motivation decreases over a period of time Is because of a lack of team bonding and bad emotional connection with the members of the team. So the HR should keep engaging teams with different team-building activities, and sessions that help boost their morale and motivate them. Mindfulness can be a catalyst that helps the organizations to develop emotional intelligence and positive attitude.


Last but not the least, mindfulness helps to build empathy that is usually lacking in the corporate world. There is a rat race in the corporate world where employees are working on meeting targets, they are competing for the bonus and they do not act like humans with feelings and emotions. There needs to be a way to develop empathy among team members.

Mindfulness can help in that case. Mindfulness makes one aware of their feelings as well as the feelings of employees around them. Mindfulness will help organizations in the long run to build team motivation and overall growth of the organization. It is an investment that organizations need to make to improve the productivity and performance of the employees and the teams. It is no longer a buzzword that only big organizations are using as a secret of their growth. It is the way to go for all organizations big or small.

Written & Compiled by Faber Mayuri

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