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Driving Operational Excellence: Transforming Maharashtra’s Media

April 11, 2024by Jahnvi Shah
At Faber Infinite, we believe in driving organizational transformation through operational excellence. Recently, we had the privilege of conducting a comprehensive training workshop at one of the largest independently owned media businesses in Maharashtra, India. The objective was to in still a culture of continuous improvement and streamline processes through Lean Six Sigma methodologies.   ...

Lean Facility Design©: The Key to Operational Excellence

February 7, 2024by Jahnvi Shah
Whether you are starting a new venture, revamping existing operations, or expanding your current facility, there is one groundbreaking framework that can make a substantial difference – Lean Facility Design©, or LFD. Developed and crafted by the skilled minds at Team Faber Infinite Consulting, this unique framework promises to revolutionize the way you approach facility...

Transform Kenyan Industries Through Operational Excellence

September 20, 2023by Faber Infinite
One of the main areas Faber Infinite focuses on to assist its clients in operating more effectively is Operational Excellence. In the field of operational excellence, Faber Infinite offers several tailored modules that support the creation and maintenance of high-performance teams. “Operational excellence” is a key element of effective and successful execution in every organization....

Operational Excellence Consultant in India | OPEX Consulting Firm

July 10, 2023by Faber Infinite
Operational Excellence is one of the core areas focused on by Faber Infinite to help its clients operate better. Faber Infinite provides several customised modules in the area of operational excellence that help create and maintain high-performance teams. A crucial component of efficient and successful execution in every organization is “operational excellence.” Faber Infinite is...

Six Sigma: Foundations For Operational Excellence

May 30, 2022by Faber Infinite
To stay ahead of the competitors in today’s VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous), organisations are constantly working on the concept of continuous process improvement. This can be attained by raising quality requirements and striving to achieve operational excellence. Different organisations use different strategies/ frameworks to improve quality standards and achieve operational excellence. A sustained...

Operational Excellence in FMCG – Faber Infinite

May 30, 2022by Faber Infinite
Global food retail sales exceed $4 trillion per year. The industry has evolved significantly over the last two decades as a result of technological advances, keeping up with the rising demand for convenience foods. This industry demands more packaging to ensure safe, fresh, and easy-to-use products. Demand for higher-quality foods in greater quantities drives several...

How to plan Operational Excellence for the Year 2023?

February 26, 2022by Faber Infinite
An organisation must have two components to achieve operational excellence in 2023: an operational discipline and an integrated management system. A holistic management system is a framework that integrates procedures and standards. It allows a business to identify and manage the risks that come with a course or project. The best way to characterize operational...

Cost Leadership: Key Principles of Operational Excellence

July 31, 2021by Faber Infinite
Today’s market is dynamic and highly competitive for several industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Engineering, FMCG, and others. Cost pressures already existing, with pandemic, demand-supply imbalance and turbulent supply chains, it has impacted overall conversion or manufacturing costs leading to more burden on finances of the company. The cost of the raw materials has been...

Certified Operational Excellence Manager Online Training

May 25, 2020by Faber Infinite
As the world is facing one of the biggest challenges – Coronavirus, are you ready to sharpen your skills to turn the tables in your favor amid these tough times? Team Faber Infinite is glad to share that the first batch of our Certified Operational Excellence Manager training program was a huge hit. We had...
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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