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A healthy mind lives in a healthy body

  • By faber
  • December 17, 2019

In today’s busy and stressful life, it is becoming very difficult for people to keep up with their health. But one thing they miss to understand is better the health, better is mental health, decision making, productivity, and much more.

In this Transformation Tuesday, we are going to talk about how leaders can benefit from a healthy lifestyle to excel at work.


Exercise is a very effective part of anyone’s life. It doesn’t just help one staying physically fit and healthy but also helps to stay mentally fit and healthy. Exercise helps one improve energy and reduce stress.

It also helps in having a clear thought process, provides better solutions for problem-solving, improves focus, improves creativity and much more. Apart from that, it improves mood, confidence along with the sense of wellbeing.

Eat Healthy

It is shown in various researches that the type of food you intake, helps you a lot for the long term health of your brain. Eating healthy keeps you stay fresh and healthy. It reduces the risk of falling sick and hence leads to regularly showing up at work and working with a fresh mind.

Nutrition plays a vital role in improving workplace productivity. Research has found that poor employee health is a leading cause of decreased productivity worldwide. Obesity and related health problems also impact workplace productivity. It was also found that those who have better health, they will be able to work longer and achieve higher results over the period of their life.


Since we all know, stress has become a part of one’s day to day life. Continued stress happens to get one in trouble. Stress and hormonal changes occurred due to stress affect the brain.

Hence relaxation and rest are necessary. One should take breaks in their day to day work only to rest. Rest and relaxation help one handle ambiguity and uncertainty better.


Sleep is one of the most important factors in everyone’s life. Sleep is a critical aspect of good health, mental sharpness, and consistent energy. In fact, we can work even better with no food than no sleep.

A leader should have a healthy and fit lifestyle to be successful because as an English proverb goes – “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body”