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Accelerate with Sales Growth Framework by Faber Infinite

  • By faber
  • March 29, 2017

Selling is one of the main concerns of every organization. It is the biggest challenge encountered by organizations worldwide. With the increase in competition, it is a dire need to withstand oneself in the market. In fact, it is among one of the most difficult tasks, which needs serious measures to tackle the problems associated with it.

We have a solution for this problem. There’s no magical wand which can increase the sales over a period of time but Faber Infinite has come up with some magnificent techniques to create, raise demand, increase sales and enable organizations to sell better.

There are various factors involved in increasing the sales in an organization which need to be studied in detail. These factors include internal as well as external factors.

Some of the significant factors that affect the sales are classified into two categories for the ease of analyzing the factors, such as Internal Factors and External Factors. Internal Factors refers to the factors which operate within an organization and which can be controlled to some extent. External Factors includes those factors which are cannot be directly controlled and are those which operate outside the organization.

To understand how we can sell better we need to understand each of the internal and external factors.

External Factors:

External factors which affect the sales include Customer Needs, Competitive Analysis and Values Delivered.

1) Customer Needs: Customers are very important for the growth of sales. Without them sales cannot take place. Their preferences and choices need to be taken care of while bringing any product to the market.

2) Competitive Analysis: The second vital task is to analyze the competition & competitors in the market. We need to know the strengths of our competitors and our weaknesses to come out with a clear, successful strategy.
3) Value Delivered: Every organization has certain values associated with them. They pass it on further to their stakeholders with their products and services. The values delivered by a product includes its benefits, advantages and features.

Internal Factors:

Internal factors which influence sales include Team SWOT, Team Alignment and Sales Management.
1) Team SWOT: Among the internal factors, the most important factors include the team and teamwork. A team can make it or break it. Thus it’s important to learn the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats of the team working for the same.
2) Team Alignment: Team Alignment is extremely important as it can further help to clear out the confusion of who’s handling what and how. There will be no confusion regarding the same. There will be clarity of roles and responsibility.
3) Sales Management: Sales Management refers to managing the overall sales process including all the aspects such as technical, financial planning, logistics planning, customer service, etc. All these factors need to be taken care of for increasing the sales.

Finally, measuring and improving is equally important. Measure the overall sales performance of the organization and the team regularly for the entire year and take measures to improve the areas which lacked proper attention.

Team Faber Infinite has been proficient in providing sales training, designing and implementing sales growth strategies across various industries and sectors. The practice of the above framework, designed by Faber Infinite has helped number of happy clients willing to increase their sales growth.

Please contact our expert team, for further details and sub elements of the framework to accelerate your sales growth.