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Become “Best In Class” with Lean Facility Design

  • By faber
  • May 30, 2024

The facility layout is one of the first things that is developed during design and it is very hard to move walls and rooms after the facility is built.  An analysis of travel paths for materials and personnel using Operational Excellence techniques can help challenge and optimize the layout.  By spending time up front to look at adjacencies, frequencies of operations and staging requirements during layout development, you can ensure the facility floor plan is efficient.

Lean Facility Design is a toolkit created by Faber Infinite Consulting for the “Best in Class “’ facility to make the organization’s work environment more customer centric, flexible, efficient, and affordable. If implemented, this method assures profitability since day one, applicable for organizations coming up with new plants or factory layout, revising layouts or expanding the organization. 

Lean Facility Design typically covers 

  • Streamlining the manufacturing process from raw material to finished goods
  • Capacity analysis & ramp up plans
  • Manpower planning
  • Inventory design for Raw Material, Work In Progress & Finished Goods
  • Warehouse space Optimization
  • Design of material handling systems within factory
  • Design for material storage using FIFO (First In First Out) racks
  • Guidelines for storage location for each part (using golden rules of storage)
  • Visual management of information/ data
  • Early Equipment Management (If needed)

Based on the objective of the client team moves forward with the process to work with new design by below mentioned steps:

  • Training
  • Product & Process Quantity Analysis
  • Value Stream Identification 
  • Future State Design
  • Flow Management 
  • Capacity Planning & Ramp Up Plan
  • Equipment Selection 
  • Manpower Requirement Planning 
  • Supply Chain Design
  • Flow Supermarket & Line Side Design
  • Material Handling Design 
  • Layout Design
  • Visual Management 
  • Risk assessment & Project Planning 

Team Faber Infinite Consulting has supported several clients from Pharmaceutical & Lifesciences Sector to Automotive Sector to Consumer Goods Sector with the help  of Lean Facility Design framework that focuses on several important aspects even before the layout. Tangible benefits delivered are as follow

  • 36% increase in production 
  • 33% decrease in throughput time
  • 17% increase in space utilization 
  • 42% increase in productivity 
  • 34% decrease in inventory cost
  • 49% increase in overall transportation index

As per global standards, considering material flow practices, visual management, safety, and other factors, Lean Facility Design is the best solution. It has never been easy to survive competition, make profit and grow at the same time, contact us to help you achieve your organization goals with the help of Lean Facility Design. Contact us on [email protected] .We look forward to working with you.

Written & Compiled by Faber Vruti