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3 Tips to be a Successful Change Leader

  • By faber
  • February 26, 2019

LChange is a very critical situation to manage for all leaders. Change brings in all kinds of disruptions that the team must go through. Leaders are vulnerable to the pressure of their teams’ expectations because employees will always look up to the leaders for a better understanding of their changing job roles during the change implementation.

Hence if you want to be a successful change implementer, you will have to make sure that your team is on the same page. The employees play a big role in succession of change management. You would need to follow below-mentioned steps for a successful change implementation:

  • Keep it clear

It is necessary for the leader to define the vision and keep the communication clear. eader has to convert his individual vision into organizational vision for change management, he needs to have a consistent communication. As per the recent trend, leaders will need to leverage their employees preferred a mode of communication method which is through social media to ensure receptiveness. As per a research, on an average an organisation spends 3 hours daily on different social media platforms, with around 50% of employers using that for internal communication. It is also noted that just 17% of employees rated their leader highly when it came to recent change-related communications.

  • Stay connected

It is necessary to stay constantly connected with your employees because, without this, leader will have difficult time explaining the vision and enlisting support to the employee. Your employees expect you to be approachable as well as direct and transparent. A research showed that one third of the CEO’s preferred social media platforms as it allowed them to have more of the direct communication. The same CEOs also believed that such interactions helped them get a quick idea of what employees were thinking/feeling.  This is important while aligning your change management initiatives with the capabilities of your people.

  • Be responsible

A leader needs to be accountable of his commands and transparent with team. Obtaining the accountability shows a desire and commitment to fix any problem to yield the best results! To be truly accountable means you want to implement the change come what may. Accountable leaders look at all the aspects of their organisation to ensure all are functioning optimally. If it isn’t, then a good change management leader should admit the gap and take actions to address shortcomings.

The above outlined principles will help leaders conquer the change management challenge. Remember that perceptions of leaders are often shaped at the time of transition and change. Hence, don’t let people question your leadership & mission of the organization. Work hard and be a successful change implementer.

Written & Compiled by Faber Priyal & Faber Mayuri