Build Entrepreneurs within the Team

Entrepreneurs are people who believe in innovation and using it as a medium and path to move forward and achieve success. Their thinking process is highly focused on innovating and crafting new technologies and processes that will assist them in achieving their targets and goals. Innovation plays an extremely important role in driving the numbers and helping the organization in improving their profitability. Every organization must encourage such thinking process and making their employees more creatively sound. In this chapter of Transformation Tuesday, we will discuss some of the key practices that can help the leadership of organizations in encouraging as well as implementing the entrepreneurial thinking process.

  • Don’t be intimidated by failures

Failures are the building blocks of success and instead of fearing it, one must learn to embrace it and should learn from them. Getting intimidated from failures will only make you less confident and will create an impact on your performance. When you make yourselves ready for failures and don’t fear it, you become more free and independent and start thinking more openly and creatively. This results in better and effective solutions.

  • Believe in your team and its members

Don’t impose work on your team and its members. Instead of telling them to do work, trust them and believe in them that the work assigned to them will completed before the deadlines. The reason behind this is that when one is not pressurized, he becomes more open to ideas and consequently brings more creativity to the table. One starts finding innovative ways to get the work done when he feels to have complete ownership over his work and working methodologies.

  • External interests are not something that should be left out of the door

In order to help the employees invest their open and entire self in the work, it is highly important for the leadership to let the employees bring their external interests to the workplace. When employees are open and are allowed to talk openly about their extra-curricular activities, it surprisingly helps them in getting the much required satisfaction to excel in their fields of work and expertise. Managers and leadership should refrain themselves from stopping the employees in getting involved in such activities with their colleagues. Although, they must also look after that such activities do not divert the focus of the employees.

Entrepreneurial thinking is all about innovation and exercising creative ideas in the workplace to get better and unexpected results. Organizations should focus on building and developing this strategy and should encourage more and more employees to indulge in such practices to subsequently increase their performance as well as the performance of the organization.

Written & Compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri

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