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Building a Sustainable Company Culture

  • By faber
  • July 18, 2016

Great performance can never come without great people and culture, and the opposite is also true – great people and culture are affiliated most with high-performing organizations.

Culture building is a key element with the capability of strengthening the organization. It is necessary for the company to create such an environment for team members, which takes care of how to enable sustenance of work culture. This can be achieved by taking into consideration the need of employees, it is essential for them to have a sense of belonging for the organization. This encompasses the formal and informal values, behaviors, and beliefs practiced in an organization.

These essential elements will renovate the path for creating a balanced work culture:
  • Outcomes

Outcome refers to the results which an organization wants to obtain with its pre-decided culture. What are the outcomes an organization would prefer to see? The trigger could be a theme, instance, or incident that has taken place internally to get the discussion started. When a discussion is activated implementation inside the company becomes an easy process, and the resulting conversation will yield a greater number of more detailed outcomes.

  • Behavior

It’s the most visible part of an organizational culture. It can be gauged at three different levels 1) Individual behavior which includes the passion of employees for their work, and being transparent about the work and its progress, 2) Team behavior helps in strengthening the bond between team members, and 3) Leadership behavior deals with the quality of leader to listen to people and help them grow.

  • Enablers and blockers

These are the formal or informal policies, rituals, actions, and rules that enable or block your culture—the elements that are truly intentional to achieving a desired culture.

Following factors can be considered within enablers and blockers:

Incentives are a basic element of doing good work. People should be paid fairly and competitively for their roles, and increases in compensation should be a predictable process.

Context and rules will determine what rituals and processes allow people to do great work. If initiative is punished instead of rewarded, people will feel less compelled to push new ideas internally. The ability to make quick judgment calls and move decisions forward will outpace any lengthy or cumbersome internal approvals process.

People are the core of a great organization and the processes and systems you use to hire, promote, and reward them can be both enablers and blockers.

Leadership has to play a role in the culture if the whole organization is to transform. And leading by example is a pivotal component of management enablers (and blockers: leadership can lead by poor example as well, of course). If leadership exhibits the behaviors expected of teams and individuals, then people in the organization will follow suit.

Companies should be as intentional about culture as they are about strategy and business innovation.  Building Company culture can be tedious; so many organizations tend to avoid it. But these small steps will help to kick start the culture building process. If you create a culture where people love coming to work and are moving in the same direction, you will land where you set your heights.