Communicating a corporate vision to your team

What makes organisation successful? Is it Strategy or People? Answer lies within, both of them. Problem with most of the companies is not wrong strategy but lack of explaining strategy to the people who makes strategy successful. No strategy can succeed without proper explanation for People who actually implement it. Leaders have to be specific and set benchmarks and deadlines. People should feel motivated to make it successful rather than doing it as a part of  strategy.

There is always gap of thinking between top management and middle management. Top Management always thinks that we don’t have right people to make strategy successful and Middle Level Management always thinks Top Management does not give clarity on actual goals to be achieved. In actual, right strategy can be successful if it is explained in right manner to the people who work on implementation.

Top Management would have broader vision and results in their mind but most often they fail to cascade it down to the people working to achieve goals. Leaders have to break goals to individual benefits and make sure people work better as an individual and as a team. Real success can be achieved if every person knows why any goal is important and what can be benefit to him/her out of it.

Below are few of the key points from an interesting note on ‘Communicating a Corporate Vision to your team’.

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