Continual Improvement: Key to Success

December 20, 2016by Faber Infinite

Every organization today focuses on Improvement. Improvement, rather Continual Improvement stands parallel to Growth and Development in today’s competitive business environment. The good part is that the organizations have realized the importance of continuous improvement. But it’s not easy until it is initiated in the organization. This very important process of realizing the importance of continuous improvement and the step of instigating the same starts with the leader. A leader should emphasize on bringing in continual improvement by not only concentrating on the tools or philosophy used for the same but by emphasizing on the end results by using the tools.

Basically, any tool- Lean, Kaizen and Six Sigma, the practice of any of these should help in progression of the business. The tools are of utmost importance but what actually plays a major role is what results the usage of the tools brings in. Below are the pointers for getting the best results at the end with the use of the correct tools:

 Understanding the type of change required

Numerous organizations try to adopt a method, philosophy or a tool such as Lean, Six sigma, Kaizen, etc.  just because they see other organizations adopting the same. They fail to understand that if adopting Lean worked positively for a company, it won’t be the same for them too or if adopting Six Sigma helped their competitor develop, the adoption of the same won’t reap benefits for them. Mere adoption of any tool cannot do wonders until the root cause and type of problem is not understood well.

 Identification of the right philosophy

The next step is identifying the right philosophy for developing the organization. Identification of the right tool plays a very important role for the progress of any organization. The core would be the appropriate tool for Continual Improvement. The selection of the exact tool should be done which could deliver the best result at the end.

For Instance- A doctor prescribes right medicine for his patients looking at the overall symptoms. Any medicine won’t work and such is the case with organizations which tend to develop.

Constant efforts to maintain the development and improvement journey

The journey towards growth and development won’t sustain until constant steps to maintain it are embraced. One time implementation of tools doesn’t bring success for a long run. It only withstands when constant efforts are put in by identifying and understanding the problems, working constantly for continual improvement and transformation. The clue to successful continuous improvement is in the name. It must be continuous so that opportunities for progression can be highlighted, improvement made and measured and evaluated.

Let us make transformation the theme for the next year alike Faber Infinite which has always been crafting success stories for its clients by justly focusing on the needs of different organizations and the adoption of the suitable tools for delivering the best results.

Written By: Faber Ramya Pillai

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