Crafting Transformation Journey

Organizational transformation is about organizational change which goes to the depths of what an individual feels and will affect what people feel about the organization and what they do in the organization.

Organizational Transformation is more than just changing the way business is done. It is about changing the organizational culture in one or more ways. Transforming the organization refers to any significant change made to an organization such as, restructuring an organization or reengineering an organization and/or there is a significant change in the way business is done. The question is, of course, what is significant is relative to a given organization.

Transformation at any place is huge step, requires strong commitment and dedication. As part of team Faber Infinite, we have been involved in making the transformation journey simple yet beneficial to the client. More than anything else, the key ingredient required is the top management commitment.

Transformation journey faces resistance and hold up in the implementation, where the role consultant is to constantly and successfully keep the ball rolling. As blue collared consultants, we are not mere providers of resources but coach teams to implement the tools and achieve the desired results. Swift rotation of the PDCA cycle is the prime responsibility as a consultant, as it helps to improve, confirm the outcomes and to draw future steps of implementation.

At one of the client locations, a leading modular kitchen brand, the growth has been in exceptionally good measurable terms. Implementation of various projects; Layout Design (to improve the overall material flow and throughput), Inventory Management (to manage and control inventory, reduce shortages from 14 to zero), Problem Solving (to reduce the dispatch errors) and others; have helped in transforming the company to a different trajectory.

As it is said, ‘journey is the destination’, the journey has been eventful.

By: Faber Anand Bhattad

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