Transformation Journey: Lesson One

Thriving organization in the turbulent 21st century economy share one common denominator: an uncommon need to evolve.

While no two organizations are alike, businesses can be aided by the Faber Infinite’s 360-degree organizational transformation. We have embarked on a transformation journey at India’s largest bone china crockery manufacturer and I would like to share brief yet key lessons learned on what it takes to transform an organization.

Going back to the title of the post, lesson one of the transformation journey is: Start a movement!

At the outset, along with confidence building and creating awareness, it was flagged off as ‘Sankalp – A Vow’ to transform the organization towards better tomorrow. It helped us to internalize the complete transformation process.

SANKALP transformation journey is primarily aimed at culture building process. Being part of the core team, I experienced the initial fruits of the implementation outcome on GEMBA – the real workplace while working.

The journey is effective only when the results are sustained after deployment. This is can be achieved by a robust process oriented system and systematic review mechanism which is rapid with specified frequency.

It also enforced onto me, learning like, “Quality cannot be achieved without an objective” and “Quality policy has to be documented and supported by the top management”.

PS: I promise to share further lessons in due course. Would appreciate your feedback!

By: Faber Rahul Desai

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