Emerging SMAC Practices – Unlocked

Faber Infinite shared views on emerging Social media, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud computing (SMAC) Technologies specifically from B2B marketing standpoint at a ‘Marketing Conclave’ organized by Amrut Mody School of Management, part of the Ahmedabad University (AU) promoted by the Ahmedabad Education Society (AES).

The Marketing Conclave 2014 was a platform to discuss the importance of SMAC, their relevance for businesses and the practices that impact these very important areas.

Businesses of India are looking towards new avenues of customer investments around the Social media, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud computing (SMAC) Technologies. As several industries including products and services look to provide a uniform experience across all communication channels, the need for SMAC technologies is likely to increase.

Changing market dynamics at India today clubbed with the advancement in technology bring significant opportunities for businesses to market their products and services to a larger group of customers. At the same time, monitoring customer movements and their preferences with the help of technology has made it possible for companies to develop target-specific communications and offerings. With the fast-changing technological developments, customers and marketers have found a common platform to stay connected, which is the mobile and/or virtual platform.


Faber Infinite is glad to associate with AES. AES has remained a benchmark for high academic standards for more than seven decades. It is the largest education society in Western India, which has spread the light of knowledge, and wisdom in diverse fields of education and established new benchmarks of excellence. Amrut Mody School of Management, has sought to continuously enhance the quality and delivery of the programmes and the capabilities of the students.

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