Exclusive Book Launch by Team Faber Infinite – The Faber Book

On Faber annual awards night with great joy, team Faber Infinite launched a book: The Faber Book – For the Faber in You!

Faber Infinite has been sharing a Transformation Tuesday series to its exclusive readers across geographies and sectors. The series has been published every Tuesday since 2015. It has received an overwhelming response from the readers. On great demand from the readers, we decided to compile all the transformation articles of 2017 and publish it in a book – The Faber Book.


When we started working on this book we always thought of leaders and leadership. We do not think of leaders as exceptional people with exceptional skills, but we follow a more inclusive approach where we refer to leaders at all cadres within the organization. The idea is to nurture the leader in you. As Faber always believes in crafting transformations to make a better tomorrow, this book is for the craftsman in YOU!

The Faber Book will assist in the transformation of leaders, teams as well as people around you. The book is a series of transformations that will cherish the leaders in you. The idea is to create a Fabulous Tomorrow.

We are thankful to Mr. Achal Rangaswamy (Author of multiple books) for writing foreword for the book. The book also gives a glimpse into the story behind Faber Infinite.

Happy Reading!

PS: To avail your exclusive copy (limited edition), please get in touch with us at publishing@faberinfinite.com

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