Each New Year Find a Better You!

January 2, 2018by Faber Infinite0
Each New Year Find a Better You
Each New Year Find a Better You

Another 365 days flew, and we moved another step further in the 21st century. Yeah, the year 2018 is finally here and so is the season of resolutions. As a corporate, a single resolution just in the first month of the year is not going to work. We have said it many times earlier that always chase your goals in fragments and set small goals for a particular period. In the same way, we have made a list of some resolutions or some targets that one should set on a monthly basis. Gaze at them below:


Before you start thinking about 2018, review your 2017 goals. This will give you a sense of areas that you did well in and the areas that you need to work on in 2018.

Think about the goals achieved, the success you achieved, the struggles you encountered and most important what you learned from your mistakes and what could have been done better.


Make a thorough business plan for 2018. Make sure the goals are realistic, attainable and measurable.

Start with a full-proof plan rather than a loose attitude of setting up plans and fixing them at the last moment. It is always a better and a safe idea to know what you are going to do next. It helps you prepare well for it and ultimately leads to a better result.


Write down the business goals and objectives so that you don’t forget them as you progress.


If you want to remain focused create a plan to achieve your goals and objectives. The plan should be a detailed plan with the list of steps needed to reach the goals. There should be a mechanism to track the progress as well. Be as detailed as possible as it will make the journey easier


Break the goals into smaller goals. As the year passes there are chances that the goals might disappear.

The best way to approach is the way we followed in the blog; think of 12 separate goals for 12 months that lead to the final goal


Since it is already a half year, this is the right time to review the goals. Review the progress and understand where you stand and what changes you need to make to be on track.


Make it a point to list small ways to keep yourself on track. You may go off track when the goals are taking too long time to achieve. Forgetting about the goal even for a short period of time may lead you to be off the track.


Keep yourself motivated along the way. It will keep you going so that you do not quit and reach the final goal. Small things like creating a vision board and keeping it somewhere that you can see all the time are very impactful.


Make reaching your goals a healthy competition. This will help you to be on track and enjoy the journey. Building teams with same goals will make the journey easier and enjoyable.


Never compromise on values when it comes to business or the brand and community the company serves.

Quality is the only parameter that can help you to be in the race of today’s cut-throat competition. One must never compromise on the quality under any circumstances whatever it may be.


Empower the team to do more and make them feel even prouder about what they do.

The team members should be proud of what they are doing and should enjoy doing it. Moreover, there should not be unrealistic limitations on the team members. One should empower them to do more and experiment with the tactics and use their skills in a creative manner.


Analyze, this is the good time to reflect on the business progress over the year and again plan for the next year.

Through the year never forget to strike a better work-life balance and put time for yourself on the calendar. This is the most important aspect since this will help you feel better through the year as well have given you enough energy to put into the business and thus make it successful.

So as Benjamin Franklin puts it – Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors and let each new year find you a better man.

So, let’s get ready to take off on the transformation journey to attain the set goals and lead the way to success.

Have a Transforming Tuesday and a Happy New Year!

Written & Compiled By Faber Mayuri & Faber Kishlay

by Faber Infinite

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