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Faber Infinite Partners with CII

  • By faber
  • August 18, 2018

Manufacturing industry is one of the leading industries in the present era with tremendous scope of development and growth. It is also one of the highest contributor’s to a nation’s GDP and clearly supports the economy of a country. Hence, maintenance function of manufacturing industry has become one of the quintessential aspects to boost the augmentation of this industry. Team Faber Infinite feels utterly happy to bring you a brief about the 8th Maintech event organized by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) where Faber Infinite was the knowledge partner for the event.

About the 8th edition of Maintech event

Maintenance in any manner might be considered as a health care for the manufacturing industry and it is a well known fact that a good health will allow one in creating and producing good wealth. Hence, it is very important to prioritize maintenance. The 8th edition of Maintech focused on the same theme to underline the fact and promote maintenance as a technical core activity in every manufacturing organization.

The key motive was to aware the organizations about the importance of maintenance techniques and processes and ultimately help them reduce the losses that might incur due to production stoppages and in turn maximize the efficiency of the production facilities and consequently productivity and profitability.

Maintenance techniques and processes also play a very crucial role in improving the product development quality and hence should be given more importance in order to align the industry with the standards and also to produce best quality products. The event had three technical plenaries as follow –

  1. Technical Plenary 1 – it focused on the power quality and cost optimization of maintenance techniques and also included important areas like predictive maintenance strategies, their importance and relative aspects.
  2. Technical Plenary 2 – It focused on Motors and Drives and key areas like global motor maintenance strategies, basics of drives and future technologies etc.
  3. Technical Plenary 3 – This plenary focused on transformers and switchgears and important areas like new trends in switchgears and future technologies in transformers and maintenance practices in transformers.

The 8th edition of Maintech proved a be very resourceful for various organizations and was attended by various CEOs of selected organizations, MDs, Policy Makers, Plant heads, engineers, professionals, executives, leaders, corporate representatives, practicing managers and executives from a wide range of industry. Team Faber Infinite Consulting is glad to be the knowledge partner for such an event and pledges to promote maintenance strategies in its work culture. For more information about the event and report, contact us at [email protected].

Written & compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri.