Farm Transformation

The Beginning Is Always In Your Imagination

The flower farm industry indicates overall increase in area and production, leading to oversupply and hence creating need to be more competitive. We are glad to present path-breaking innovative solutions for the flower farms – Lean Farms. It is a framework to meet up the challenge in the global market. It emphasizes re-imagining and eliminating waste in all forms and creating predictable, reliable workflows.

Faber Infinite ( – one of the finest global training organizations, with expertise in Operational Excellence Practices, has been working with more than dozen leading flower farms in East Africa with an objective to build competitiveness and higher ROI based on the principles of Operational Excellence and Continual Improvement. We have been working with leaders in the industry with an objective to build a transformation culture. Some of our Esteemed clients are Kariki Group, Kisima Farms,Livewire Ltd.Rift Valley Roses etc.

Few of the key results delivered at leading flower farms are as follows:

  • More than 20% increase in production per hector
  • Field Rejection reduced by 68%
  • Pack House Rejection reduced by 71%
  • Productivity Improvement by 33%
  • Customer Complaint reduced by 70%
  • Inventory carrying cost reduced by 53%

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