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April 16, 2019by Faber Infinite0

Are you happy with what you do at work? In this case, we do not mean the right career path. We mean, are you happy with your day to day tasks at work? Do you enjoy the tasks?

It is a bit difficult to answer. We do not think about the small tasks that we do at work. But we should because there are always small steps to improve any work. Such small incremental changes towards improvement can make up for bigger job satisfaction. It means we do not have to change everything about the work we do, but small changes here and there can make it up all.

There are times when you come back home frustrated due to a rough day that you have had in the office. There are also times when you take out your workplace frustration at your family members. This does not feel right and you even wonder what can be done to avoid this. You think of switching your job to a lesser stressful organization, but that is not a solution.

Wonder what else can be done? Here’s a way out for you!

Two most effective stress management strategies:

Employees who are mistreated at the workplace, are more likely to mistreat people at home. The mistreatment at the office affects the employee’s self-esteem.

Sleep and exercise can help improve self-regulation and thus reduce stress.

According to research, participants who took around 10,900 steps every day were less likely to be rude to their family members as compared to the participants who took 7,000 steps. The research found that burning an additional 587 calories could help reduce the harmful effects of mistreatment.

Different studies have also discovered a link between sleep deprivation and poor self-recognition skills.

Adequate sleep and a lot of exercises will do more than just help you come back home from work in a better mood. These are two key components of living a healthy life.

The researchers have connected an adequate sleep to everything from increasing creativity to longer life spans. You will also have a much better attention span, which will help you improve your performance and reduce stress.

The way adequate sleep helps in increasing creativity and longer life spans, the same way daily exercise helps you improve your memory, boost your energy and increase your happiness. Also, exercise will help you sleep better.

Sleep and exercise are solutions to reducing workplace stress. Less stress could lead to happier and healthier relationships.

Getting an adequate amount of sleep and making out time for the exercise from your busy schedule will help you stop being burnout.

Stress can be a one-off occurrence and not something which comes with the job. If every deadline is a chaotic day than maybe you are not planning your work well enough. Addressing any fundamental issues and using adequate sleep and exercise will help reduce the stress levels and ensure that you and your family is happy & healthy.

Compiled by Faber Priyal & Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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