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May 29, 2018by Faber Infinite0

Many motivational speakers and philosophers have focused on the word ‘Purpose’. Defining one’s purpose is one of the key aspects of using the potential of an individual, a team or of an organization to the fullest. People need to realize that defining their purpose for themselves will not only help them focus but will also keep them motivated towards doing better and achieving more.

The purpose of an organization is a very powerful tool to rally the workforce towards delivering better. It improves the communication as well as infuses a sense of value in the stakeholders. Below are some of the reasons why defining purpose leads to success.

  • Be the answer for “Why you and not them?”

The customers in the modern world are now more sensible and demanding than ever. Moreover, with the increased competition, they now have more options as well. Hence, one really has to be unique and expert in their services and products. The customer now buys products not because what you do, but because why you do it.

One must ingrain uniqueness and novelty to their products and services in order to get hold of the attention of their customers. The organization’s purpose should be to make the customer feel appreciated and touch their hearts. They should be able to bring value to the customer and fulfill their needs with authentic and reliable products and services.

  • Make the team members believe in something meaningful

Employees from the most critical aspect of an organization. The organization needs to create something that is able to garner profound interests of the team members. The employees should feel inspired by the organization’s work immensely and should be able to keep themselves abridged with the same. They need to feel appreciated and valued in the work culture of the company and should be able to sync themselves with the values and principles of the organization. This really creates a motivated staff and drives them to deliver better. Apart from this, it also drives positivity in the workforce, making them more optimistic and consequently delivering optimized and efficient results.

  • Decisions in sync with purpose keeps the company on the right tracks

Whatever the purpose be of on organization, it should be crystal clear and definitely more than an agenda. One must evaluate their decision-making process to see if it is true to their purpose. One should also put forward a statement such that even the leadership cares about the ‘purpose’. Working together as a team towards fulfilling the objectives of the company is a very powerful tool that can emphasize efforts of the individuals towards the purpose of the organization. Furthermore, putting forward the core belief of the company can create an opportune as well as holistic and better operating environment for all.

So, go define the purpose and unlock the potential of individual, team and most important the potential of the organization.

Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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