Four Ways to Manage Peace in Teams

January 19, 2021by Faber Infinite

Every good leader should be a good peacemaker. When there is turmoil in your organization it is the responsibility of the leader to keep all the stakeholders in agreement without being biased.  It is the responsibility of the leader to maintain peace and deal with human behaviors and interactions. Let us look at the pointers that leaders should keep in mind to maintain peace:

1. Win the Trust

If the leader is going to be neutral during conflicts and arguments, then they must first win the trust of their team members. If you do not win the trust then people will consider the leader as a threat. Leaders should visit all the team members individually and get to know them better. Leaders should understand the members of the team and get to know who they are so that in case of conflicts, they have a better understanding of where each of them is coming from.

2. Know communication styles

When a leader wants to know the members of the team, it is important to know their communication styles. Many times, conflicts happen due to a lack of interaction and understanding. Most of the time, conflicts arise due to miscommunication and misunderstanding. When a leader understands this, it will help to make better teamwork and partnership.

3. Listen

A leader along with being a good communicator should be a good listener as well. A leader should be able to listen to both sides. When there is a conflict between two parties, leaders should always listen to the arguments between the two parties with an open mind. A leader should give chance to each party to put forward their point. A leader should never cut anyone off. This way both the parties will feel that they have been listened to. A leader should then come back to both the parties and explain how they have concluded.

4. Look at the hidden plan

As a leader, he /she should be able to understand what the employees are really saying compared to what they actually say. As a mediator it is the responsibility of the leader, to focus on the real problem and find clues that can lead to sustainable solutions. Good leaders know how important it is to maintain peace and resolve issues or conflicts. A leader should be totally committed to facts and to the organization that he or she is working for, rather than individuals. In short, leaders should work towards preventing rivalries and cultivate peace and harmony at work.

Written & Compiled by Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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