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November 13, 2018by Faber Infinite0

A young and energetic team with an ever ready to do attitude is the key that produces results and profits for the organization on the foundation of resources, capital and various initiatives. An energetic team with motivation to do and achieve more can help the organization in a number of ways throughout their journey. However, keeping the team motivated and energetic and maintaining the same level of enthusiasm for a longer period is very difficult and strenuous for the organization and its leadership. Consequently, the productivity dips down and so does the quality and profitability.

Companies need tactical and strategically strong initiatives to make the most of the employee’s skills and efforts. Below are some key methods through which the leadership can produce more without burning out fuel from the employees and teams.

The shift from individual efforts to a team efforts

In order to speed up the work process without burning up the individual and the team member’s energy, one needs to understand that a pack is always stronger and efficient than just a lone wolf. Leadership should focus and motivate the employees to shift on co-operative and mutual efforts rather than sticking to their ego and their business. One needs to learn that he must let go of his fears and apprehensions and work and obsess about other people in the group to make the most of the available resources and improve their productivity.

Teamwork, team members and energy

A positive and productive teamwork will always motivate one to do more and keep their energy levels to the brim.

  1. Focus on energizing instead of just being energetic

Teamwork promotes and motivates one to be more competitive and thus more productive and beneficial for the team and ultimately for the organization. Employees should focus on energizing the entire team rather than just focusing on their motivation and energy levels.

Spreading the positive energy will be fruitful and beneficial for all for obvious reasons!

  1. Don’t overload the employees with deadlines and extra work

Overloading the employees with excess work and then adding deadlines will only result in tiring the employees and making them ineffective in their tasks, responsibilities and daily duties. Companies should strategize tasks based on the abilities of their employees rather than setting paces without precise and proper analysis.

  1. Try to make a single approach towards the problem instead of breaking them into smaller parts

We have learned right from the start that we should always break down a bigger problem into smaller pieces before approaching it to solve it efficiently. But, what if we tell you that solving the problem considering it as one piece can be more efficient and precise in providing effective solutions. Will you believe it?

I guess, No.

But, in reality, the fact is that approaching the problem as one and not breaking it into pieces can help provide more effective solutions and will also help the leadership in avoiding the excess and repetitive tasks for the employees that they might have to work on in the problem is broken into smaller pieces.

Employees tend to produce better results with high energy levels and their ever ready to go attitude. This will also develop them and make them more mature and professionally sound which will ultimately help the organization in garnering fruitful results. Therefore, keeping the team motivated through the above-given strategies can really help the organization in the long terms.

Written & Compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri.

by Faber Infinite

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