How to build a visionary company?

November 30, 2021by Faber Infinite

Success is a combined result of constant failures and a visionary mind. The art of growing in success means to evolve daily within the scope of new challenges and prevalent habits to set a mark for others to follow. This seems difficult but not impossible when practiced at an individual level. However, the real challenge is to implement lasting success and comprehend them at the organizational level. 

This #Transformation Tuesday let us learn to build a visionary company for making a difference by sustaining success not merely by grasping opportunities but also by supplementing values throughout the chain of work. Jim Collins and Jerry Porras’s book, ‘Built To Last’ provides us vital lessons on the successful habits of visionary companies will be taken as a reference to provide more insights on building a visionary company.

A visionary leader and slow start are how the journey of success begins. The team members of the organization must always be keen to learn how to think in the line with the very idea on which the company is built. Only then can a system can be constructed for the accomplishment of goals and aims. Visionary companies do not always demand charismatic leaders but a strong leader from whom the fellow team members can take inspiration and may motivate to work with new challenges. A slow start often means not to jump into big decisions. Having a slow start is about building a base where the company can support the fallouts and keep the checks and balances in every activity taken in the interest of the company. 

Key MANAGEMENT lessons from ‘Build to Last’ that helps us to identify how to build a visionary company are as follows:

  1. Aim for collective goals, not profitability goals

Every company which starts from the basics should visualize the visions, mission, and goals; and have a clear idea of what to aim for. Visionary companies always set the target that requires collective efforts which couldn’t be accomplished individually. Thus, building the strength of the organization to raise above profit-making is by inculcating on human ideals and values.

  •  Preserve the core ideology 

Companies tend to divert from their ideology which leads them to success once. This can be very dangerous for the company in the journey forward as there will be an absence of principles to strive on if the ideology itself becomes blurred. To stimulate any organization for focusing and engaging the people on the team, there must be an ideology of the company which needs to be preserved. 

  • I-m possible goals:

Visionary companies always seem to have a set of goals that outsiders may find impossible to achieve. By setting such goals, the visionary companies want their team to maximize their effort and set a challenge to themselves so that impossible began to look like ‘I’m possible’.

Thus, a visionary company is built when you know how to swim in your own current, even if it is against the tide. Always pursue the less traveled road so that the company may have new methods to reach the goals and continuously challenge the team members by providing necessary motivations and correct misalignments with the preservation of core ideology.

Written by Faber Aleena Thomas & compiled by Mayuri Pandya

by Faber Infinite

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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