How to get noticed in your organizations

November 3, 2020by Faber Infinite

When you are performing well in the organization, you have good ideas, vision, and the desire to take on more but still, you are not being noticed in the organization by the senior leadership. What do you do in such a case? How do you get noticed?

This Transformation Tuesday, let us look at how we can grow and move ahead for bigger opportunities without being a boaster or upsetting our direct managers:

Be committed to your growth as well as the growth of the organization

One way to show the commitment is to work on skill enhancement beyond the office. We should learn new skills that will help both us and the company to grow. Another way is to read books related to work. We can ask our seniors if they can recommend any books. Another way to show commitment is to tell your senior that you are interested in working on projects that will give you an opportunity to stretch and help the organization to reach the goals.

Focus on the team rather than self

Senior leadership will always focus on employees who work together and collaborate for greater benefits. They recognize that the greatest opportunity for success lies in a team working together.

Be accountable for your work

Whatever part of the work you are involved in you should know your business inside out. You need to know where you stand in the larger organization. You should prove the value of contribution only then you will be able to prove the value of yourself in the organization as an employee. Take every opportunity to show the senior leadership your importance in the organization.

Give your 100%

Once you commit to doing something make sure you give your 100 percent and deliver the desired results. Always keep your name associated with good work. Your senior leadership is always looking for someone with a good track record.

Keep learning

Always look beyond your daily tasks. Always look at the big picture while working and making decisions. This skill will not come naturally. You have to work on this and build strategic thinking. It is a skill that needs to be built. The more you work on it the better you will get.

There is no short path to get noticed in the organization. It is a continuous process. You need to put in a lot of dedication, patience, and acceptance that getting on the path of growth in your career takes a good amount of your time. This Tuesday, we looked at 5 points to move on the path of growth we will continue to look at other 5 points in our next Transformation Tuesday.

Written & Compiled by Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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