How to plan Operational Excellence for the Year 2023?

February 26, 2022by Faber Infinite

An organisation must have two components to achieve operational excellence in 2023: an operational discipline and an integrated management system. A holistic management system is a framework that integrates procedures and standards. It allows a business to identify and manage the risks that come with a course or project.

The best way to characterize operational excellence, according to Business Dictionary, is as follows: “A workplace philosophy in which problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership lead to an organization’s continuous progress. Focusing on the needs of consumers, keeping employees positive and empowered, and constantly improving existing workplace activities are all part of the process.”

Because your operational house is in order, overall excellence leads to next-level performance. In reality, the notion of operational excellence can be whatever your organization determines. Many people feel that the key concepts of operational excellence imply outperforming your competitors by increasing revenue and cutting costs. It’s also a mindset that’s deeply embedded in your company’s culture and encourages your employees to keep improving.

What Are Your Operational Objectives?

Six Sigma, Lean Management, Kaizen, are examples of operational excellence approaches. Each approach has its own set of guiding principles that will assist you in making judgments.

Operational goals are concerned with increasing firm productivity and improving the quality of products or services. Increasing safety precautions and improving product or service adaptability are two examples of goals.

For operational excellence, you’ll need the right tools and technologies. The good news is that there are numerous project management solutions available. The bad news is that few of them offer all of the features needed to create business-wide operational excellence. When it comes to sourcing technology, Directors of Operations should seek for platforms that can:

  • Optimize labor : intensive procedures: Tools that automate manual processes reduce human error and boost efficiency.
  • Improve team efficiency: Tools that map skills and availability to predicted work can help teams make better use of their resources.
  • Increase data visibility: Tools that convey granular data from across the organisation quickly can aid in better informed strategic decision-making.
  • Boost profitability: Tools that report on a variety of key parameters can help you improve your bottom line.
Operating Excellence Principles

When critical roles to the company’s growth aren’t accomplished, it’s one of the most telling signals that the principles of operational excellence aren’t being followed. This is frequently due to the fact that the persons in charge of these duties are not given enough time to perform them.

Managers must use operational excellence principles to overcome these difficulties. There are a few different sets of principles that are used to quantify this, but they all involve the same elements which include:

1. Start with the end in mind.

2. Assisting various groups

3. Working together to develop workflows

4. Automate time-consuming tasks

5. Make use of graphs, charts, and timelines

6. Establish time management procedures.

7. Automate processes that are repeated frequently.

8. Create a common work template for staff to use in the event of a disruption in the flow.

9. Encourage employees to take responsibility for their own actions.

10. Effectively use resources

Team Faber Infinite has helped 150+ clients in various industries across geographies in successfully implementing operational excellence processes and benefitting from them. With our structured framework, we have helped many clients in achieving excellence and attaining continual improvement and sustainable development. 

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Written by Faber Aleena & Compiled by Faber Mayuri

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