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Aakash Borse, Director, Faber Infinite Creative Solutions Pvt Ltd, holds a masters degree in Operations Management with his 1st degree being in Mechanical Engineering. Aakash brings in rich of experience working in the domain of Organizational Transformation, Operational Excellence and Management Consulting in Asia, Africa and Middle East. Aakash has led and worked on several consulting projects at a number of organizations, including few major public sector assignments. His skills have been utilized to improve and establish new business/ operations practices across several sectors. He has also led Organizational Design solutions and rollout for businesses across various sectors and geographies. He has been engaged as Transformation Program Manager, Strategic Initiative Manager and Business Creation Director at Faber Infinite.

Faber Infinite is a management consultancy based out of Pune, Ahmedabad and Baroda and operating internationally. Though it’s a startup, Faber Infinite has carved a niche and is emerging with its unique management strategies and made a substantial and profound difference in the businesses of its clients within no time. Faber Infinite, a specialist into 360 degree transformation and improvement of clients, people & communities. A specialist into Lean Management, Strategy development, People development and organization design.

Replying to Yash Ved of IIFL, Aakash Borse says “Our future plan is to increase our non-consulting revenue three- fold by end of next financial year.”

Brief us about your business model? 
Faber Infinite Consulting (part of Faber Infinite Creative Solutions Pvt Ltd) is one of the finest global management consulting and capacity building organizations with expertise in helping our client organizations to implement Transformation (Change) Management systems in order to become more effective, efficient and flexible. Faber Infinite is closely working with clientele across India, Africa & Middle East.

Team Faber Infinite is supporting clients spread across various industry segments in designing innovative strategies and improving operations. We are not mere boardroom consultants but take pride in calling ourselves at ‘Blue Collared Consultants’ and work on the real workplace to implement the solutions.

What is your revenue model?
The revenue comes from three major streams:

A. Consulting, which has various revenue models based on the nature and scope of the work. Professional fees could be calculated on fixed project fees, milestone based, combination of fixed and performance linked or fees based on the effort (consulting input) involved

In the transformation journey, the consulting services support clients in achieving benefits from designing right strategies to implementing it for leadership, improvements and sustenance.

Faber Infinite takes traditional consulting a step further. Acting as more than just an advisor, we work right alongside the client team and get our hands dirty so that client receives detailed information on where to go next, how long it will take and what the ROI is.

We leverage Transformation and Continual Improvement tools and processes through our ‘Model for Excellence through 360 Degree Transformation’ to drive flexibility, control and responsiveness. The goal must be, designing and doing the right things by right methods with speed and agility as well as doing more with less, starting with harnessing the intelligence and creativity of each and every employee.

B. Training – In-house / Open programs,

Employee Training and Development is essential to the ongoing success of every organization. Employee training and development enables employees to develop skills and competencies necessary to enhance top line & bottom-line results for the organization. We work with the leadership team to identify training needs, and to design, develop, deliver, and evaluate employee training and development programs to meet the company’s strategic objectives.

C. Benchmarking Exercises for our clients is another offering in our kitty, which helps clients to determine how they are faring and what other best in class organizations are doing.

Our team is also working on the Software and IoT offerings to be launched soon.

What are the plans going ahead?
Further to our philosophy, where People are at the core of any business, we intend to expand our consulting portfolio by focusing on “People Excellence”. Our future plan is to sharpen our offering basket in vocation training business along with touching organizational behavior elements.

We have signed up MoUs with Government of Gujarat and Universities in Africa to build on the capacity development and capability building aspects.

We share collective vision of Zero Defects and Zero Effects to make India competitive and assist in realizing dream of ‘Make In India’.

In addition, our technology solutionsare fetching good traction from African markets. It will address the big gap in planning and execution needs of the industry and also offer emerging concepts of Internet of Things.

Our next steps would be inculcating IoT into our technology offerings for better sustenance at client ends. We are working to integrate technology offerings as part of organizational transformation offerings. Our future plan is to increase our non-consulting revenue 3 fold by end of next financial year.

We want to craft solutions for clients, craft teams to work on the solutions and in turn craft great organization, which offers growth solutions to our clients, and all the stakeholders.

What will be your focus area going forward?
Potential is huge, with developing countries as well as developed countries. There is no end to improvement and change. We intend to scale up the venture at fast pace, which includes expanding presence in Central & West Africa, Middle East and explore south East Asia. Which will also require increasing the team strength to around 50 members in the consulting team and total team of around 100 members!

Prospects are good with campaigns like Make in India, Zero Defects and Zero Effect, etc call for need of expert solutions providers to support the initiatives. Market indices are promising and we look to support in building competitiveness across regions.

We look to add 2 new countries to our reach every financial year. Next 3 years, our technology offerings should contribute substantially and in the core consulting offerings we foresee 10 times growth considering the robust pipeline of inquiries and leads. Currently all our hands are full with orders and we look to ramp up on all fronts at fast rates.

Who are your clients?
We have been working with clients across different segments – sectors and geographies, from private sector to public sector, manufacturing to service industries, SME to large sized organizations. All our offerings are industry neutral. Since inception, we have been associated with more than 50 happy clients

Brief us about your plans in international market?
We have been operational in 6 countries (India, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, UAE) across 3 geographies and plan to add 2 new countries every year.

We intend to scale up the venture at fast pace, which includes expanding presence in Central & West Africa, Middle East and explore south East Asia.

Your current employee strength?  Any plans to double employee strength?
Faber Infinite’s dedicated team works across its global sites to support our work of crafting transformation journeys for different organizations.

Total team strength is of around 20-30 members (full time and part time together) with presence in India, Africa and Middle East.

As mentioned earlier, we intend and need to double our team strength in FY 16-17.

This was an interview conducted by IIFL team with Aakash Borse – Director at Faber Infinite as part of Leader Speak series, originally published here.

by Faber Infinite

Faber Infinite is an International Business Management Consulting Organization offering consulting solutions and services for Increase Profitability in Business.

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