Is Your Tolerance for Change Tripping You Up?

Today in a scenario where everyone is talking about tolerance and intolerance – What’s your change tolerance? How does it match the tolerance levels of your employees, colleagues or clients? Does it fit your business situation?

Mark Zuckerberg currently holds a 99.3% approval rate from his employees, partially due to his openness and adaptability. How about yourself?

For growing business, change is inevitable; the only factor you need to identify for the successful implementation of the change is up to what extent the change is tolerated in your company and among your employees.

You and your team must be ready for each evolution of the market and the business. At the same time, no growing business can succeed without processes and workflows to hold it together. One study showed that 86% of employees surveyed believed that failed collaboration and communication had damaged major projects they were involved with.

‘Is Your Tolerance for Change Tripping You Up? Ask the following two questions for the successful change tolerance among your employees:

Your change tolerance is a key factor in how you adapt. Match that with what the business needs — and your team’s readiness for change — to get where you want to go.

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