4 key Leaderships to Achieve Organizational Success

November 12, 2019by Faber Infinite

Effective leadership is not just about informing your team to get the work done. It is more than that. It is also about managing and supporting the entire team. Those employees who feel supported by their leaders will be happier, more productive and connected with the organization. And this affects the bottom line of the organization.

It is highly important for the leaders in today’s era to understand the ways to bring the entire team together to successfully achieve the vision of the organization. Below are a few traits a leader must possess to create a winning team to achieve organizational vision and mission;

  • Engage with your employees in an open communication

Many times there are employees who might not express but in reality, they are too frustrated to be a part of the team. This impacts their productivity. A leader needs to understand that a fresh and healthy mind is directly related to higher productivity.

Leader should always have one on one meeting with each member in the team to have a check on their productivity and discuss the issues they are facing. A leader should help them find solutions so that the employees feel understood and supported.

  • Coach towards the collaborative and committed environment

Don’t just order your employees about the work, this would not generate the right level of engagement you are looking for. An effective leader must explain to their team members what is required and how it can be done rather than just ordering.

  • Set clear expectations and goals

A leader must clearly set goals about what is expected from their employees. This is a real key to success. When the expectations are not clear, the employees are confused. Unclear expectations make it difficult for the employees to perform because they feel whatever they will do, it will mostly dissatisfy their leaders. They do not know which way to go since the goals and expectations were never clear.

When expectations are not clear, the employee tries to work harder and harder to make sure he fulfills unsaid expectations. But when the hard work is not appreciated and in addition to that when the employees are told that whatever they did was not sufficient, employees tend to feel demotivated.  They begin to think that if their hard work is not being appreciated and neither is it helping to achieve the goals. They feel then why should they even continue working hard.

This is a point that every leader in every organization should understand. Every employee understands that leaders definitely have high expectations from them. But, unless the expectations are clearly said out, there is a lot of confusion and frustration that an employee feels on their part. Hence it is very important to set clear expectations and goals in the very beginning so that the employee knows what and how is he/she supposed to work to achieve the goals successfully. 

  • Allow your employees to share new ideas.

A lot of leaders don’t allow their employees to come up with new ideas and to share or implement them. Leaders feel that the employees are not as experienced as them, so whatever their idea is, it definitely would not work. But what leaders need to understand is, the employee wishes to achieve organizational success just as much as they want. So, if an employee has come up with an idea, a leader must listen to it at least. Many a time there might be some new things or ways that have come up into the market which the leaders don’t know about yet, but which can help them successfully achieve their goal. 

Apart from this, if employees will never be acknowledged for the new ideas, they would feel it is better not to achieve success and work monotonously. But, by listening to and sometimes even letting them implement the new ideas can make them feel motivated to work even harder and find new ways to achieve organizational success.

These are a few pointers that every leader should implement to achieve organizational success with the help of the team. 

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