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Key to Thought Leadership

  • By faber
  • July 20, 2021

Thought leaders are the informed people in their field of expertise. They are the trusted source of information, and they motivate other people in their field to innovate. They also act as mentors to the people from their field. They guide others to replicate their success. So if you want to be one of them, this Transformation Tuesday, let us look at how to build thought leadership:

Think about your area of expertise

It is time to make right decisions. You cannot be good in everything, you need to understand what best you are at. A leader does not need to know everything, but he/she needs to know what they know.

Good thought leaders understand their area of expertise. They connect what they are good at with what the audience is expecting. They ask themselves – What am I passionate about? What is my career built on? What satisfies me? What am I better at compared to my peers?

Reach the audience with right content

You should be able to project your expertise in the right way. You need to create content that speaks in your voice. You do not need to be a great orator or a great writer, but you should be able to project your personality in such a way that you seem to be different from everybody else in the industry.

Stop promoting yourself

Thought leadership means bringing value to the audience, educating them, sharing new and innovative ideas and being of help to the audience. But for all this you should just not keep promoting yourself.

Be steady

If you want to be a thought leader, you must present on the top of the mind of your audience. If you are not in regular touch with them, they will forget you. You must be consistent if you really want to build your brand.

Be limitless

Do not limit yourself to only one source of content , try other sources like videos, podcasts, infographics. Find the best that works for you and your audience. Look for the websites that the audience is visiting and what kind of publications are they reading.

Have a good team

It is not one person’s work. It is always a team that works together Same applies to thought leaders. You need to have a smart team to work with. Make sure that your team participates and understand the end goals. Involve team in the creative process as well, so that they understand the objective that you wish to achieve with thought leadership.

Just follow the above-mentioned steps and you will see how thought leadership is beneficial to you, your team and your business.

Written and Compiled by Faber Mayuri Pandya

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