KONJO SMART – Best Improvements, to Justified Measurements

In this world of fast and quick moving trade, it takes a lot of patience and hard work to carry out all the excellence modules and to audit the same at regular intervals. Every organization has their own strategies to outstand themselves from others in the industry.

Considering and understanding the ongoing developments and the need of the hour, Faber Infinite has devised Konjo SMART – set of standard yet configurable operational excellence intelligence modules for implementing and sustaining powerful best practices across industries. It is an intelligent fusion of different modules to help build and sustain the competitiveness.

Konjo SMART is a build of cloud based modules which shall pave way for Smart Manufacturing 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT). We take the opportunity of introducing the first module – Six S. Six S is nothing, but Five S + SAFETY.

To touch up briefly on Six S Module, Six S is a philosophy for an organization, a frame work for enhancement, and fundamental way of thinking for Smart Manufacturing. Five S, Six S, or Seven S as it varies from organization to organization, is applied everywhere in all the industries, but what Konjo SMART outstands in, is it has developed a software which makes Six S easy to implement and audit.

Konjo SMART strongly believes that improvement in an already existing system can only be made, when it is measured justly and perfectly, this is what Konjo SMART aims to deliver to its clients, ‘Best Improvements, to Justified Measurements.’

Konjo SMART aids the leaders to analyze situation at their own convenience, as it can be accessed by them on handheld devices, which will help them to audit at equal intervals, and take timely decisions for the betterment of the organization. As the industry revolutions steps into its fourth phase, Konjo SMART will help you to make your lives at organizations easier, more systematic, and more productive.

Join us, in this new era, as we add Smart to Manufacturing, with Konjo SMART.

Written By Faber Ancita Lobo

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