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November 20, 2023by Faber Infinite

In the vibrant landscapes of Africa, industries are constantly evolving and looking for innovative ways to enhance their processes and drive efficiency. One groundbreaking solution that has emerged to meet these challenges head-on is Lean Facility Design © (LFD), a framework developed by Faber Infinite Consulting. In this blog, we delve into the transformative power of LFD across various African industries, revolutionising manufacturing efficiency and elevating these businesses to new heights. 


Revolutionizing Packaging in Kenya 

In Kenya, a prominent player in the metal packaging industry embarked on a journey of improvement with Lean Facility Design©. The results were nothing short of impressive.  

  • The throughput time for producing cans witnessed a remarkable improvement of 50%, enabling the company to meet growing market demands more efficiently.  
  • Furthermore, productivity, measured by the number of cans produced per head per annum, increased by a noteworthy 37%.  
  • The Overall Transportation Index saw an astounding reduction, dropping from 4859 ton-kilometers to 2007 ton-kilometers, a 59% improvement.  


These enhancements in the packaging industry highlight how LFD can bring about significant improvements, optimizing operations and reducing costs. 


Zambia’s Path to Packaging Excellence 

In Zambia, the largest manufacturer of polypropylene woven packaging bags, commonly known as FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), harnessed the potential of Lean Facility Design© to drive manufacturing excellence.  

  • The improvement was remarkable, with production increasing from 6.6 tons per day to 9.2 tons per day, marking a 39% improvement.  
  • Manpower costs were optimized, leading to a 28% improvement. 
  • Waste reduction was a notable achievement, with a 31% reduction in wastage, resulting in substantial cost savings.  
  • The overall benefits exceeded INR 2 Crores (20 Millions)  

 a testament to the power of LFD in improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 


Boosting Packaged Food Production in Zambia 

In Zambia, one of the leading packaged food producers recognized the potential of Lean Facility Design © to enhance its operations. LFD was implemented across five production lines, each showcasing remarkable improvements: 

  • Line 1: 

– Production increased by 50%  

– Throughput time reduced by 25%  

– Distance traveled on average decreased by 77%  

– Productivity improved by 21%  

  •  Line 2: 

– Production doubled, improving by 47% 

– Throughput time decreased by 15%  

– Distance traveled on average decreased by 72%  

– Productivity increased by 12%  

  •  Line 3: 

– Production doubled, improving by 35% 

– Throughput time decreased by 16%  

– Distance traveled on average decreased by 72%  

– Productivity increased by 14%  

  •  Line 4: 

– Production tripled, improving by 36% 

– Throughput time decreased by 21%  

– Distance traveled on average remained consistent. 

– Productivity surged by 78% 

  •  Line 5: 

– Production doubled, improving by 42% 

– Throughput time decreased by 14%  

– Distance traveled on average decreased by 75% 

– Productivity increased by 32%  


These impressive results underscore how Lean Facility Design© (LFD) can change African industries, optimizing operations, reducing waste, and driving efficiency. From metal packaging to woven sacks and packaged food production, LFD is a powerful tool for achieving manufacturing excellence in Africa, fueling progress and growth in diverse industries.

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