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June 11, 2019by Faber Infinite0

Good productivity in the workplace is an essential point to be recognized as a powerful and best employee. But there are very few techniques available to improve the same. A lot of people struggle with lower productivity and try all that they can to improve the same. Still, they lack somewhere in the implementation phase as not all techniques are as handy to be used while at the workplace. It is good if you find a pleasant and convenient option like listening to music.

Almost all of us love listening to music while working which many a time helps us boost our productivity. But not all music creates the same impact while working. Listening to the music that you like causes to release a chemical called dopamine in our brain which makes us feel good and eases our anxiety. Research showed that when the patients from pre-surgery were asked to listen to their favorite music it lowered their level of stress hormones than those patients who took an anti-anxiety drug.

Music has the power and capacity to light-up your mood, improve your focus and boost your mental and physical performance. But there are these 6 rules listed below that should be used for using music to improve productivity:

A big no lyrics:

Lyrics kills your productivity. You might have noticed this, whenever you are listening to music with lyrics while working on something, then you are more focused on the lyrics of that song. You focus on what exactly is the song about and what is it trying to narrate. 90% of our focus is on the song and the lyrics of the song than how and what you are working on.

Familiar music is the best:

Research shows that when have you have been listening to a piece of specific music for a long time and if you listen to the same music while working on something, it just helps you to focus better. It becomes more relaxing and helps you concentrate better. The unfamiliar music causes you to lose the focus as you try to pick in the new sounds and new notes.

Listen to music while working on a repetitive task:

When you are asked to work on a repetitive task, it creates a sort of boredom as it is a monotonous task. But it is also something that needs perfection and should be error free. So, while working on something like that, listen to the music. Listening to the music while at the time of repetitive tasks, helps you complete the task quicker, with lesser errors and lesser boredom.

No music is best for cognition task, except for one:

Research showed that repetitive, relaxing, low-information based background music improves the concentration, focus and boosts the performance by reducing the stress even more than while working in silence. In such a situation, listening to natural sounds like ocean waves, rainfall, birds chirping, also you can listen to the calm and soothing piano music and classical music. This helps you the best.

Listening to Upbeat music can help boost physical performance:

A study shows that listening to motivating music, helps improve physical performance by increasing the capacity to exercise more and harder while delaying fatigue. Upbeat music has also helped increase alertness levels. This is incredibly important for those hard-driving entrepreneurs who are putting in long hours to work.

Listen to the music in between the tasks.

Another research shows that if you cannot listen to music while working on your task then listen to music in between two tasks. It will still help you improve your productivity. As it clears your mind for the next task and releases tension for the next task. This helps you improve your focus and boost your performance.

The conclusion here is, music makes the world go away and helps you improve and increase your productivity. Just follow the notes listed above and you’ll be able to boost your productivity.

Compiled by Faber Priyal & Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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