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May 29, 2021by Faber Infinite

Time is something that provides us with experience & opportunity – to attempt, fail, learn, get up and grow. The process is continuous, every time a person desires to try something out of the box. One needs to grab the opportunity to confront the world’s dilemma, whether good or bad and meet it head-on.

The COVID – 19 pandemics has disrupted operations on a huge scale, challenging manufacturers to assess the impact and best way to respond quickly. There is a need for organizations to build greater resilience and flexibility in their future operations.

Team Faber Infinite has been going strong and moving ahead confronting these challenges along with client organizations. We have been supporting client organizations in crafting growth opportunities even in these different times.

Over the years, Team Faber has consistently delivered results, providing the best solutions to clients across industries. We are delighted to share a few of our new clients from the engineering and pharmaceutical industry, which we have been supporting even during and after the lockdown.

One of our clients from the pharmaceutical industry is India’s major manufacturers of dry powder injections. We are supporting the client, with the implementation of the Faber Infinite-designed and copyrighted Organization Transformation Framework©. Initiating with strengthening the data management practices to improving the overall operations via value stream mapping, and inventory optimization to lower overall material costs.

The teams are also working on equipment performance via improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), which improves machine availability, performance, and quality of production. High varieties and lower batch sizes are an aspiration for many industries and more challenging in the pharmaceutical industry. The project teams are working towards reducing the number of setups and set up times to have high flexibility.

In addition, to improve the client’s workflow management, the teams are delivering results through Training Within Industry (TWI) and enhancing GMP norms at the workplace.

We are supporting yet another client, one of the leading manufacturers of engineering components. With the well-crafted Organization Transformation Framework©, we will support the client in material cost reduction via inventory optimization, and production improvement via releasing the hidden capacities and no additional CAPEX.

Also, one of the leading manufacturers of diesel generators has engaged Team Faber Infinite with the key objective to support and accelerate the continual improvement journey by streamlining the overall costing, planning, and material management process. The sustainability of new improved processes shall be ensured via robust Daily Work Management (DWM) practices.

Stating about one more new client engagement, where the project team is supporting the client in rolling out much-acclaimed Lean Facility Design (LFD)© framework devised by Faber Infinite at one of the leading cryogenic tanks manufacturing facilities in the world. Here, we are supporting our client for streamlining the manufacturing & information flow from raw material receipt to finished goods delivery, ensuring the capacity ramp-up, planning of manpower, inventory design for raw material, WIP and finished goods and their handling, warehouse space optimization and many more.

Team Faber Infinite has been delivering excellent results in these tough times and supporting clients across industries in the world with the objective of crafting growth opportunities always!

The right time to start your Organizational Transformation & Operational Excellence journey is now! Start your organization transformation journey with Faber Infinite Consulting. Contact us today at [email protected].

Written by Faber Nency and Compiled by Faber Mayuri



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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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