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January 8, 2019by Faber Infinite0

Every manager wishes to acquire and retain skilled employees and losing any one of them is nothing less than a nightmare for them. It is very important for organizations to retain skilled people who are adding value to the processes and culture of the organization. Moreover, once an employee leaves, the organization is then posed with various responsibilities ranging from finding a suitable replacement with the same understanding of the work to training them with the new work culture and environment. This results in loss of time and resources which adds to the burden on the organization. Hence, it is very important for the organizations to retain the employees and make them feel content and secure. Below is a list of strategies one can use to retain the talent and then use it efficiently to thrust productivity and profitability.

Onboarding of the new employees       

Onboarding of the employees must be included in the orientation program of the employees. It is one of the best methods through which one can make the new recruits familiar to the organization, its work culture and about the way things are usually done in the day to day life at the campus. It also makes them know more about the job and their responsibilities.

Pairing them up with a senior as a mentor

Pair them up with a senior who can act as the mentor to them. This will not only make them feel secure but will also help you in providing the employees with a better viewpoint on various subjects through their mentors. New recruits can also use this opportunity to feel comfortable and can simultaneously learn from their mentors.

Incentives to the employees

Incentives are a great way to retain employees. Compensation programs like bonuses, retirement plans etc. can always help the organization in retaining the acquired talent.

Efficient reward and recognition systems

Everyone loves getting rewarded and getting recognized at the workplace. Hence, placing an effective reward and recognition system into place will only motivate the employees to work better and ultimately will help you in retaining them because of the same factors i.e. rewards and recognition.

Training programs

Training programs are highly important to make the employees feel confident about their skills and their work. Organizations should invest in training their employees for better outputs as well as helping the employees sharpen their skills thus ultimately increasing the number of opportunities for them to grow and develop.

Communication channels for feedback

Communications is always essential in any kind of relationship and the same goes in this case as well. Communicating the responsibilities, ideas, improvements and the expectations clearly can help in employees working in more efficient and productive fashion. It also eliminates the chances of conflict due to miscommunication thus providing a better environment for work.

  1. Teamwork

Teamwork is necessary to achieve the targets and goals set by the team. Collaborating work and moving ahead in a team always imbibes a sense of belongingness in the employee thus improving their bond with the team members while achieving success simultaneously. This is an excellent strategy to retain employees.

  1. Do celebrate the events

The celebration is the best way to relax and acknowledge success. It also gives the employees some time to relax and get away from the constant stress of deadlines. A culture where celebrations of any event or milestones are an important part will always make the working culture livelier and attract the employees thus help you in retaining them.

Employees form the backbone of any organization. Hence it is important to retain the skilled people because they are the one who makes the organization complete and pushes it towards excellence. Employee retention is a growing problem for various organizations. However, if tackled properly with precise and direct measures it can do wonders for the organization, both in terms of talent as well as revenue.

Written & Compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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