Re think Strategies for Excellence in Pharmaceuticals Industry

November 30, 2022by Faber Infinite

India is highly regarded for its cheap vaccinations and generic medicines and is the world’s largest supplier of generic meds. The Indian pharmaceutical sector has developed over time into a robust industry, rising at a CAGR of 9.43% over the past nine years, and is officially third largest in pharmaceutical output by volume. Some of the key sectors of the Indian pharmaceutical business include generic drugs, over-the-counter medicines, bulk meds, vaccines, & manufacturing bio pharmaceuticals Industry, and biologics. 

As pharma industry emerge from two years of intensive firefighting, this fresh focus on operational strategy couldn’t come at a better time. Under these innovative and demanding circumstances, pharma success will depend on operations success. 

Organizations are working with Team Faber Infinite to get the results they want without investing any additional CAPEX. In more than 10 countries, Team Faber has delivered outstanding results that have facilitated pharmaceutical companies in improving operational efficiencies.  

A Sneak Peek at the Benefits Delivered to Various Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Clients: 

  • Further to the engagement of Team Faber, labour productivity increased by more than 40% for one of our clients from generic drug manufacturers.  
  • In two of the units of a renowned pharma manufacturing company that produces vials, there was an increase of production by 27% and 53%, respectively. 
  • Team Faber assisted pharma organizations in increasing their sales by millions, by releasing hidden production capacity for one of the clients in biosciences.  
  • Team Faber facilitated multiple organizations in improving production outputs and efficiencies at packing lines for client from biotech product manufacturing.  
  • Reduced the standard deviation in the production time of powder enzymes by 62% for one of the innovative enzymes’ producers.  
  • Following the adoption of the DMAIC methodology, there were no batch rejections for one of the clients who produces anti-infective, anti-diabetic and many other drugs. 
Typical areas for improvement 
  • Enhancing productivity and output at the production line through total productive maintenance (TPM), batch size optimization, yield enhancement, and loss reduction via value stream mapping (VSM) and production planning initiatives 
  • Management of daily tasks to maintain improvements  
  • Increased productivity of the workforce reducing change over time, strengthening QA/QC procedures, and releasing hidden capacity 
  • Inventory Management 
  • Quality improvement and batch failure reduction 

The current emphasis on continuous improvement, including cost savings, quality assurance, and constant delivery readiness, may need to give way for operational leaders to longer-term external issues. These include a high rate of inflation, an increase in complexity and risk, as well as the interactions between these forces. 

In the areas of pharmaceuticals and life sciences, Team Faber has been creating exceptional growth opportunities. The client teams can receive support from incorporating the Organizational Transformation Framework by Faber Infinite to navigate throughout difficult times. 


Written by Faber Aleena Thomas

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