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January 31, 2020by Faber Infinite

Selling is one of the major worries for several organizations across the world. With the global competition, it is essential not only to withstand oneself in the market but to grow as well.

It is one of the challenging tasks, which calls for a robust sales process to tackle the challenges related to it. The survival and longevity of the organization depend on the sales of its products/services. If the sales are not up to the mark, it will affect the growth of the organization.

We have a demonstrated solution for this particular sales challenge. Team Faber Infinite Consulting, with its unique and proven Sales Growth Framework©, has been helping clients grow sales, improve profits, raise demands for their products/offerings, and enable organizations to sell better.

To share a case from one of our client sites, team Faber Infinite is associated with one of the leading agriproducts marketing and distribution organizations. We have supported the client with the Sales Growth Framework© designed by Faber Infinite Consulting, which is applicable across sectors and geographies.

The client is one of the major players in the agriculture market with its agriproducts. Despite having the lowest prices for their products amongst the competitors, the organization’s sale was not up to the mark.

The organization’s focus always was to keep the product price low – so that it can attract more farmers and increase sales. Besides costs, the client had less focus on other factors that would help them increase sales and attract more farmers to buy their products. This was leading the client to a cluttered red ocean of competing only on price.

During the engagement, the consulting team worked upon various drivers impacting the overall product placement in the minds of the customers. The team chalked and rolled out a structured exercise to address the following key elements

  • To improve the awareness of the outcome by using their products i.e. good harvest,
  • To acquaint the customers of all the products and services that the organization has to offer,
  • To conduct trials and tests of the products to improve the acceptability of the yield benefits,
  • To assure consistent product supplies without stockouts and many more.

Factors like these and many more helped the company to gain increased customer trust and loyalty and thus increase sales.

After implementing the Sales Growth Framework© (SGF) by Faber Infinite Consulting, the organization not just paid attention to these factors but also on other factors that help them sell more and generate more revenues.

The framework also helped the organization find out other areas and platforms that can help the organization improve its sales exponentially. The team came up with ways that can help their salesperson equip with the different ways of sales and upgrade themselves with the current market scenario and much more.

The SGF has also helped the client implement various tools and standards, which reduced the non-value adding activities and focus more on the actual value-adding work.

This framework has helped the client improve and grow their sales by a whopping 31% in the first quarter of implementation. It has not just supported the client to increase and grow sales, but it has also helped the client achieve sustainable growth thus keeping the sales growth and yields higher.

Team Faber Infinite has been supporting organizations across various industries in 9+ countries and supporting more than 200 organizations across the globe. Similar results can be delivered in your organizations as well. Contact us today at [email protected] to book growth and transformation journey for your organization.



by Faber Infinite

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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