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Making Each Day Count

  • By faber
  • January 31, 2020

In any organization, all the functions work together for the growth and development of the organization. Like every body part is indispensable for healthy body, similarly it would be a cliché to say that each function in the organization is equally important and necessary.  In this edition of iFaber, we bring to you yet another transformation catalyst at Faber Infinite – Ms. Jaya Pai – Finance Manager at Faber Infinite Consulting. Jaya has been a star performer at Faber and has contributed towards making Faber Infinite financially sound and healthy. Below are the excerpts of our conversation with Jaya Pai.

Faber Infinite (FI): What is your role at Faber Infinite Consulting? How does a typical day look like for you?

Jaya Pai (JP): I am responsible for various finance activities like – Accounting, Taxation and Receivables management at Faber Infinite Consulting. For me, every day is a new day and there are challenges that I come across each day. My modus operandi is to learn from each challenge, be it from the accounting domain or any other work at Faber, I learn something new each day.

FI: What is most rewarding about your job; what makes it all worthwhile?

 JP: Each element of accounting and finance, whether it is bookkeeping, accounting, taxation or recovery of debts, each part of my job is interesting and rewarding. My profile gives me the strength to achieve tough targets by giving 100% efforts. This makes it worthwhile.

 FI: Which was one of the biggest challenges that you have faced here, and what did you learn from it?

JP: Recovery of old debts and optimization of accounting process were couple of challenges I faced. And this made me realize, that a prior action plan for everyday work is a must for working smoothly and avoiding delays.

FI: How has the organization helped you grow? Are your personal aspirations and traits aligned with your role?

JP: Definitely, organization has helped me to grow professionally as well as personally. The journey so far has been fulfilling. Besides the skill upgradation on the technical front, there are various soft skills and behavioural trainings that I have been through at Faber and it has helped me grow substantially. Yes, my aspirations and traits do align with my role.

FI: In what ways the accomplishments are recognized. Share with us one of your accomplishment and how was it recognized?

 JP: At Faber, all the team members are rewarded and recognised for the efforts. I am fortunate that I have been recognized multiple times. After joining Faber, within a short span of six months considering my performance, I was recognized as Emerging Faber of the Year back in 2018. And this year, I am extremely gratified to share that I was awarded as the Star Faber of the Year for 2019. It meant a lot to me and I fall short of words to express myself. It has been a very encouraging journey so far and it motivates me to go beyond and work harder.

I think rewards and recognitions help you to grow and thus achieve more!

FI: Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you at Faber Infinite? Why and how did this person impact your life at Team Faber?  

JP: All the team members and three directors are extremely helpful. The directors have been supportive and if you ask me to name one individual who has been guiding me and has been my mentor, my well-wisher – there is only one name which comes to mind! He is my reporting Manager and one of the Founding Members and Directors at Faber Infinite – Mr Vishal Kulkarni. Vishal sir is always there to help, to show me the right path, he motivates me and gives me the strength to achieve a higher goal. He is a perfectionist and expects the same from the team as well. This has helped me to work with perfection and achieve the set goals on time.

Thank you, Faber Jaya, for sharing these wonderful and encouraging details about you and life at Faber. We wish you luck for all your future assignments.