Six Practical tips for Managers to turn into Coaches Again

Historically, managers embraced the role of coach and mentor. Through informal conversations during the commute to work, over a coffee break, managers passed along crucial information and knowledge about the organization’s culture. However, today managers are falling into the habit of dictating to-do lists, micromanaging, or unnecessarily rolling up their sleeves to become a ‘Do For’ boss or reverse delegator because of tighter budgets flatter organizations, a heavy workload, and too many direct reports often leave managers without the time to lead their subordinates like a coach. It seems easier and more expedient to “boss” than to coach.

In order to be a great manager, you need to be an effective coach with the ability to ask powerful questions, listen actively, and offer observations. You must help your employee create the shifts in their beliefs and actions that will result in the achievement of desired results.

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