6 Steps to the Magic of Setting Goals

November 22, 2022by Faber Infinite

Goals are a great way to keep track of your progress and ensure that you are moving forward in the right direction. They also help you focus on what is important, rather than just getting distracted by every shiny object that comes along. However, setting goals is magic, and to master them you need to consider the following steps: 

Know what you want

When you know what your goal is, and have written it down in the form of a vision statement or a mission statement, then it is much easier to stay focused on that goal. 

Knowing what you want from your career will help you to prioritize which activities are most important for achieving that goal. 

Let go of your Excuses

Excuses are a way of avoiding the truth. The truth is, you are responsible for your own success. You have to take ownership of it and be accountable for it. 

Excuses stop us from achieving our dreams because they prevent us from making positive changes in our lives that would help us to set goals for the future. 

Be Realistic and Specific

Being very specific in setting and working towards your goals gives you clarity. It also helps your team members to achieve their goals without taking any mental pressure. 

A realistic goal helps you focus on the core of what you want—and it makes it easier for others including yourself to understand and measure success. 

Use your Imagination to give your Goals Life

Use your imagination as much as possible and visualize yourself achieving your goals in detail. Picture what success looks like and how it feels inside when you’re there.  

Imagine all of these feelings for every single one of your goals: excitement about reaching them, motivation on a daily basis toward getting closer to them, confidence in knowing that they are achievable—and more! 

Create Action Steps

Another important step to learning the magic of setting goals is by creating an action plan and acting accordingly with dedication. Such as: 

  • Break your goal into smaller steps. 
  • Make sure each step is measurable. 
  • Make sure each step is specific, clear and results-oriented. 
  • The objective should be realistic given the time, and resources available to you. 
Re-evaluate your Progress Regularly

This can be as often as once a day, or it can be a weekly or monthly thing. You can also set a calendar to re-evaluate your progress regularly. 

As you’re going along, take a look at how well you are doing and make sure you are still on track with your goals. If not, figure out the problem and get back on track. 


Setting goals is one of the most important parts of achieving success, but it can be difficult to figure out where to start and how to do it right. This #Transformation_Tuesday let us learn the magic of setting goals. 


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