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The Path to Productivity: Time and Motion Study

  • By jahnvis
  • August 23, 2023

In the realm of operational excellence, one technique that stands out as a catalyst for efficiency and effectiveness is the Time and Motion Study. By analyzing task durations and production procedures, this approach enables businesses to minimize waste, optimize resource utilization, and foster a motivating work environment for sustained productivity. Faber Infinite has successfully implemented time and motion studies at various client sites, delivering exceptional results and cost savings. Let’s explore the remarkable benefits witnessed by one of our esteemed clients. 

Faber Infinite has done a comprehensive time and motion study for a few of our clients from diverse industries including automotive, engineering, healthcare, and more. Our mission: optimizing operations for unprecedented efficiency. The primary objective was to enhance manpower productivity by identifying and addressing the root causes of inefficiencies. Here are some of the tangible benefits achieved at the client’s facilities: 


33% Improvement in Production:

Through meticulous analysis and process streamlining, Faber Infinite significantly increased production output. This improvement showcased enhanced operational effectiveness and increased output capacity. 


42% Improvement in Productivity:

By breaking down tasks into manageable components, Faber Infinite identified opportunities for optimization, resulting in a remarkable boost in manpower productivity. This optimization led to more efficient resource utilization and cost reduction. 


43% Reduction in Changeover Time:

Time and motion study coupled with SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) identified areas where changeover procedures caused unnecessary delays. By addressing these inefficiencies, Faber Infinite enabled a substantial reduction in changeover time. This enhancement allowed for faster transitions and minimized idle periods, ultimately increasing overall productivity and flexibility.  


23% Reduction in Throughput Time:

Faber Infinite’s meticulous examination of the workflow via Value Stream Mapping (VSM) revealed bottlenecks and congestion points that impeded smooth operations. By implementing targeted improvements, the client experienced a significant reduction in throughput time, enabling faster delivery and improved customer satisfaction. 


18% Reduction in Manpower Cost:

Through optimized resource allocation and the elimination of unnecessary tasks, Faber Infinite achieved a noteworthy reduction in manpower costs. This not only improved the bottom line but also freed up resources in other critical areas of the organization. 


In conclusion, time and motion study is one of those powerful tools that enables organizations to unlock their true productivity potential. By systematically analyzing tasks and procedures, organizations can identify and eliminate inefficiencies, optimize resource utilization, and foster a motivated workforce.  

Faber Infinite’s track record of conducting time and motion studies underscores the transformative impact of this approach. With its ability to deliver tangible benefits and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement, time and motion study remains indispensable techniques for organizations striving to excel in today’s highly competitive business environment.